Bike Enjoyment and Safety with the RAC

The RAC visited our Year 3/4 class on Friday 24 July to talk all about Bike Safety

We brainstormed everything we enjoy about bike riding. It is a fun activity that you can do with your family and friends and it is also a good way to exercise. We looked at some examples of people that were riding in safe and unsafe ways. There are lots of things to remember and be aware of when riding a bike so that you can keep yourself and other people safe and keep your bike in good condition.

We are thankful that God has given us healthy bodies, bikes and scooters to ride, and a beautiful city with many bike paths and skate parks to explore. God also watches over us wherever we go, but we need to be responsible and safe when we are riding too.

‘I enjoyed the RAC visit to our class because I learnt about all the things they do and how they’re very helpful if your car breaks down. They told us that RAC stands for Royal Automobile Club and backwards it spells CAR!’ – Adele

‘I learnt about the helpful 2-4-1 Bike Helmet Rule. Make sure that you can fit 2 fingers between your eyebrow and the edge of your helmet, use 4 fingers to make a V-shape around both ears, and make sure you can fit 1 finger between the strap and your chin’ – Aaron

‘It’s important to protect the brain because the top part is where the memories are stored. The side parts tell your body when or how to move and the bottom part of the brain takes care of emotions. I got to hold part of a model brain’ – Shiloh


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