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Big Bold Faith in Jesus

Big Bold Faith in Jesus

As each day goes by, the kids become slowly more and more attentive to the program – something to praise God for.

The Third Full Day at the Big Bold Circus!

What a wonderful day we’ve had with so many opportunities to pray with, sing with, and share with the kids of this town what it means to have Big Bold Faith in Jesus.

Hear about the day from Sam Richards.

After lights went out at the “early” hour of 10’o’clock, and (slightly) improved sleep, everybody was ready to start the penultimate day of the Bush Mission. Mrs Stewart gave us all an encouraging devotion from Colossians, and soon some of us were off on the bus run to pick up the children, while some went to the youth centre to run the breakfast club, and the rest were stationed at the recreation centre to prepare for the rush of children that soon arrived to join the full program for the third day.

We began with the customary singing and dancing – the Big Bold Band leading the group in song. Then came the circus challenge. “Big O” (Owen) led the group of young “circus performers” in a game of balancing spinning plates on rods. The children competed for circus tickets that they could trade in later for prizes. 

After the challenge came the drama performance, which proved a great success. 

Today’s theme was Big Bold Love. As each day went past, the kids had become slowly more and more attentive to the program – something to praise God for.

In today’s drama performance, the circus sage continued, but there was an amusing change. Since Daniel D was unfortunately too sick to perform the role of the strong man, Mrs Stewart, with the addition of a man bun and moustache, took his place. It was a great success for the kids, who thought it was hilarious.

After that, the MCs, Maria the Magnificent and Luna the Lion’s brother, Leo, recapped the drama performance with the kids and the Big Bold Band led us again in song, before everyone ran outside to morning tea.

After numerous piggybacks and several games of tag, as well as an enormous bubble-blowing activity, everyone came back inside for a big game, also coordinated by the popular Big O.

Then it was Bible verse time. There was a clash with the memory verse meany, who substituted all of the good “fruit” of the Spirit for rotten fruits. Soon everything was set right as M1 and M2 revised the good fruit of the Spirit the kids, who survived the memory verse meany because they had it all stored in their heads.

Then it was time for the Bible talk, which was the story of Daniel and the lion’s den. 

After that it was small group time. Everybody split up into their age groups and the kids enjoyed games such as playdough and colouring in, while the leaders engaged them in conversation about the day so far.

Then it was craft time. Today, everyone was making poi balls, necklaces, and painted pictures. The final activity in the morning session was another big game, and more singing, before the kids were off on the bus.

After lunch and a debrief to celebrate our successes and discuss our challenges, the Year 10s went back to the sport complex to prepare for the afternoon session. In the recreation centre, the younger kids gathered to do craft, while the older ones went to the basketball court to play. After an hour of face painting, craft and basketball training, the afternoon session was all done, but the day wasn’t over yet. There was still community night at the recreation centre.

After the leaders gathered for dinner, the kids came back with some of the parents to enjoy more games and discussion. The parents learned about what the kids had been doing all week.

Then it was over, and the exhausted Year 10s did a little preparation for the next day, before taking the bus or running back to the rec centre for a long-awaited sleep.

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