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A Fantastic Evening of Dance

A Fantastic Evening of Dance

The Edu-Dance Concert is in no doubt one of our most anticipated events on the school calendar.

This year, the afternoon began with short rain, but that didn’t deter our spirits!

By the time our picnic began, the grass was dry enough and the weather less humid. There was a great community atmosphere as families mingled and enjoyed a picnic on the grass. As the start of our concert neared, more and more families arrived. All the children were excited, families and staff ready for a wonderful performance showcasing the amazing gifts and talents God has blessed us with.

Our concert opened with the cute Pre-Primary students and the skilled Year Six class finished with a blast. Each class worked extra hard to learn and refine their dance routine and did their best as they presented their final performance.

It was a fantastic evening celebrating these God-given abilities in movements and musicality. We would like to thank Mrs Voysey, our Edu-Dance teacher for the enthusiasm and dedication she brings each year.

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