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The Third Well

The Third Well is from Genesis 26:17-22, where Isaac digs one well, but they have an argument about it, then he digs another well, but they argue about that one too. But the third well he digs, they don't argue about and he calls that place Rehoboth and says 'Now the Lord has given us room'. So The Third Well is a reminder about how God provides for us" - Eve Gibbon (Year 7).

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The Third Well

Effective Study Tips for Solitary Learners

Solitary or intrapersonal learning is characteristic of those who prefer working alone or are self-motivated individuals. The solitary learning style has commonly been described as

The Third Well

The Best Study Tips for Visual Learners

Everyone is unique and different, and we all have our own individual learning styles. This is why not all study methods will work for everybody,

The Third Well

How To Build Effective Study Habits for Life

Effective and proficient students aren’t necessarily those who spend the longest time reviewing their notes and missing a few hours of sleep just to read


Christian Schools: A Parent’s Perspective

This article originally appeared in Nuture magazine, September 2018. Reproduced with permission. By Bel Ritchie When Sammy my eldest child was starting school, we lived in

The Third Well

School Reports: What Is It That You Value?

Our Semester reports are published twice a year. Teachers spend much time analysing all the data from assessments and observations to create these reports in

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