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Effective Study Tips for Solitary Learners

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Solitary or intrapersonal learning is characteristic of those who prefer working alone or are self-motivated individuals. The solitary learning style has commonly been described as that which is in pursuit of achievement, learning, and personal satisfaction.

This kind of learning style is easily identifiable in people who, more often than not, prefer their own company. This does not mean, however, that solitary learners are loners, neither are they lonely! They just choose to be alone when studying. They do their best work when they are in a quiet space and no one else is around to distract them.

If you, or someone you know, has been struggling in school or with retaining information in general, it might be best to figure out what your learning style is, in order to maximise your learning abilities. After all, everyone is capable of studying well and exceeding in academics and beyond. All you need to do is figure out what makes it work for you, and take full advantage of it!

Speaking of finding out one’s learning style, we’ve rounded up some of the most striking characteristics of solitary learners. Try to take note of these in yourself or in other people to find out if solitary learning may be a strength in you as well.

What are the identifying characteristics of solitary learners?

Every single person in the world is different, with their own unique personalities and quirks. No two people are ever exactly the same, but there are some commonalities shared among groups of people with the same learning style.

This rings true as well in solitary learners. If you were wondering what makes solitary learners who and what they are, read on. Maybe you have always been one and have been missing out on your full potential!

The following are the most common characteristics of solitary learners:

  1. Likes spending time alone. This is pretty much already a given but, contrary to what you may think, this is not just about wanting some quiet “me time” every once in a while. Solitary learners really do thrive in situations where they are just in their own company. It doesn’t mean they are introverted; solitary learners just truly and fully thrive in solitude.
  2. Thinks independently. Rather than collaborating and sharing minds, solitary learners flourish in situations where they do not need to be conscious of the input of other people. They like it more when they are in situations where they make the first and final call. If you are someone who is keen on calling the shots and prefer having a focused, solitary type of learning experience, you may be a solitary learner.
  3. Retreats to somewhere quiet when thinking. In most cases, peace and quiet are very much appreciated by solitary learners whenever they need to study and think. However, there are those that prefer to listen to music or tune into some white noise. Whatever is on their playlist, it is meant to induce focus.
  4. Able to concentrate well. The common problem faced by anyone in school is how easily distracting everything is. You can be reading material then suddenly drifting off over something irrelevant and in no way connected to what you are studying. In contrast, solitary learners tend to have an easier time concentrating. If you put them in a position where they are left to their own devices, they will be able to have an easier time concentrating compared to others.

Do you think you or someone you know has a penchant for this learning style? Or do you simply identify with the characteristics we have listed above? You’re in luck! You have just stumbled upon the right article for you to figure out the best way to study!

Have you been having trouble focusing in school or digesting all the information you need to learn? Worry not, because we have the best tips for you to make the most out of your learning style. If you have been having some struggles with school, don’t hold it against yourself. It just means that you have not found the appropriate study methods for yourself.

If you have identified with the characteristics we have listed above, read on to find out which ways will work for you:

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Tip 1: Plan what you are going to study.

Rather than diving head first into a study material, the best way for you to study is to properly plan your lessons beforehand. Solitary learners are keen on getting the bigger picture of their material first, before getting into the nitty-gritty of any topic.

It can get overwhelming when you are assigned a book or any reading that seems too long and insurmountable. However, solitary learners are skilled at understanding their material more, once there are specifics goals and targets in place.

Try to think of this as having “learning missions” with every course that you have. You can either write them down in a journal or on a notepad, and make them similar to a to-do list. Make a bulleted list and organise everything that you need to study in order.

Before this, however, look at the bigger scope of the lesson’s topic first. After which, break it down per subtopic, and assign a subtopic to be tackled per day. Classify the content to make sure that you will be able to have a smoother flow for studying!

Trust us, the feeling of checking off a box on your “to study” list is exciting, and is something that will motivate you to finish your topic for the day.

Tip 2: Like what you’re learning.

Well, while we do suggest that you like what you are learning, it does not mean that you have to find it interesting right off the bat. However, we do strongly suggest that you develop a personal interest in your topic.

One way to do this is to relate whatever you are learning to something in your life. Don’t worry, this can be as wild as you see fit! Relating topics to your personal life will help you have a better recall of some of the terms and concepts.

Another thing we can recommend is that you do your own research outside of school. For example, if you are studying about the Renaissance, be sure to do some Google searches on the side! You can look up the art produced during this era while you study from your books and notes! This gives a more personalised and interesting approach to your learning.

Another quick tip is that the moment you feel a spark of interest in your study material, do a quick internet search. That curiosity will help fuel your curriculum!

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Tip 3: Stay active while you study.

While we do understand that solitary learners prefer to study alone, active learning is still something they can benefit from!

Just because you stay in a quiet room and pour over your book doesn’t mean that it’s a sure-fire way to learn everything that you need to. We recommend that you participate in your class activities and have a study group every once in a while.

Being involved in your classroom lectures is also one way to stay active while you study. One way you can do this is to take notes in class while your teacher presents the lesson in front. It will keep your mind active during class, as well as help your retention! Writing your own notes has been proven to help you remember topics easier.

Tip 4: Track your learning progress.

It is also important for solitary learners to track their progress. Since people with this type of learning style prefer an introspective way of looking at school, it will be best to have something to help reflect and analyse what one has learned.

You can either use a diary or a study journal to help you with this. Since solitary learners are keen on organisation, this tip will aid in keeping everything in check once exam season comes rolling around. You will be able to know which topics you have already covered, as well as those that you still need to work on.

We also recommend that you indicate your insight as well. This means that you can take note of which topics were difficult for you, as well as which study methods are effective for your learning style.

These are just a few suggestions and tips to kick-start better studying habits for solitary learners. You may incorporate them into your existing study practices in order to find a pattern that works well with your personality!

Do these traits sound familiar to you or someone you know? Share this article to help them out!

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Effective Study Tips for Solitary Learners

Solitary or intrapersonal learning is characteristic of those who prefer working alone or are self-motivated individuals. The solitary learning style has commonly been described as

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