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Caretakers and Problem Solvers: Catching Up with Year 5

Over the past few months we have been really busy in Year 5.

Of course, a major focus of our timetable has been learning about and understanding Sorry Day and moving on to the celebration of NAIDOC Week. The students have gained an understanding of how we, as Australians, celebrate the achievements of the wonderful indigenous people of this land.

We looked into the different types of cooking and gathering bowls that indigenous Australians used in the past. We then recreated them using papier-mâché. This process took us several weeks as we took time to layer and dry the work before moving on. Finally, we got to research some designs and paint them onto our bowls. We chose traditional colours that represent the earth. Even though we were noisy while we worked, we got to chat to our friends about a lot of different things. Art can allow for amazing social interactions.

Indigenous Australians were caretakers of the land they lived on. Their respect for God’s creation is evident through their design, which is based around family and creatures. Our work was on display during the Arts Festival Exhibition held 10-13 September, and you can view it in the photos below:

Year 5 has also been involved in the Australasian Problem Solving Mathematics Olympiad (APSMO). We run this for our Year 5 and Year 6 classes. This method of problem solving allows students to think outside the box and gain a greater understanding of applying their knowledge to solve complex mathematical problems. We have included one for you to have a go at:

Have a go at this mathematical problem:

Albert has twice as much money as Beth.
Beth has $5 more than Carla.
Carla has half as much money as Derek.
Derek has $6.

How much money does Albert have?
(Scroll over to see the answer)


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