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Christian Schools: A Parent’s Perspective

This article originally appeared in Nuture magazine, September 2018. Reproduced with permission.

By Bel Ritchie

When Sammy my eldest child was starting school, we lived in the catchment area for a public school with a great reputation. And it deserved it – the teachers were skillful and dedicated, the school was resourced, and my daughter learnt well. Our thinking was that we would send her to a Christian school when she was in…

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Unwrapping Your Child’s Gifts

There is a fable about Spanish artist Pablo Picasso that goes along these lines:

Picasso was sitting on a park bench when a young woman came up to him and asked, “Could you draw me a picture, please?” Picasso got out his sketchpad and pencil and quickly sketched a portrait of the young woman. She beamed as he handed her the sketch. “Oh, it’s so lovely!” she exclaimed.

Before the young woman turned to leave,…

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