Yr 8 Indonesian Class Visits the Consulate

The Consulate General and their staff were amazed at how enthusiastic and respectful the students were toward the traditional cultures of Indonesia.

On Wednesday 27 July, students from the Year 8 Indonesian class went on an excursion to the Indonesian Consulate in East Perth, followed by a visit to Tempayan Bay (an Indonesian restaurant)

As we entered the Consulate, we were officially and legally classed as entering Indonesian territory in Perth. 

The program began with an opening prayer given in Indonesian by our student, Riona Prabhakaran. This was followed by a welcoming speech by the Consulate General Perth, Ibu Listiana Operananta. She addressed that as neighbouring countries, Australia and Indonesia should maintain a good relationship and that this excursion is one of the ways to make that happen.

Ibu Elly Kurniawan gave a speech, showing appreciation to the Consulate General for welcoming our school.

Cindy van den Bos and Kaleb Silalahi sang a famous Indonesian national song, Padamu Negri, which means ‘To you my Country’. Kaleb read a poem titled Indonesia negaraku tercinta, which means ‘Indonesia my beloved country’.

The students then went on to participate in a traditional Indonesian instrument workshop called Angklung where they got to play instruments and were led by Bapak Sofari. We watched a workshop in Wayang Golek (Indonesian Puppetry).

We were asked to be filmed and wish Indonesia, ‘Happy Freedom Day’ for their upcoming 77th Independence Day on 17 August 2022. We wished ‘Selamat Ulang Tahun Indonesia ke-77, merdeka!’ which means ‘Happy 77th Birthday to Indonesia, freedom!’ The short video will be uploaded onto the Consulate General’s social media platforms and will be viewed by their followers, including the government in Jakarta (Capital City of Indonesia).

After enjoying morning snacks provided by the Consulate, we concluded the program with the closing speech that was impressively delivered by Sarai Kuilenburg.

The Consulate General and their staff were amazed at how enthusiastic and respectful the students were toward the traditional cultures of Indonesia. They were also impressed by all the items that were presented by our students, from the prayers, speeches, singing and poem reading to presentations, all said in Indonesian.

After the Consulate, we took a stroll to Tempayan Bay (an Indonesian restaurant) where we enjoyed lunch. After an opening prayer in Indonesian by Deanna Whittle, we had an entrée called Lumpia (Indonesian spring roll). Then came our main course, Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice), Mie Goreng (Indonesian Fried Noodles) and Ayam Goreng (Indonesian Fried Chicken). The students finished their meal by enjoying Es Krim Jelato (gelato ice cream).

Riley van Schie concluded the excursion by praying in Indonesian before we boarded our bus and headed back to school.


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