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Yr 11 and 12 Bible Society Masterclass

Yr 11 and 12 Bible Society Masterclass

On Thursday 4 August, our Year 11 and 12 students spent the day at the Bible Society Masterclass event.

The purpose of this day was to equip our students to live for Jesus in this world, and to be encouraged to be ready to give an answer for the hope they have in Him.

Many of our students were expecting a “4-hour long church service” and were pleasantly surprised to find that the Masterclass was a really relevant and engaging day. 

We worshipped God through song and were encouraged and challenged by 3 great Bible teachers.

In the first session, we saw that the Christian life is one of real pleasure and purpose. While the challenge of the next talk was to see God at work through weakness and suffering. The final session was about achievement addiction. “Are we looking inward to find our purpose and worth? Rather, we need a worthy God to worship instead!”

Click here to view more information about the Masterclass that the students were able to attend.

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