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Leonora Bush Mission Trip

“Well, what an incredible time in Leonora! So blessed to have been allowed this opportunity, to spend some time with these beautiful kids! Cannot emphasize enough how amazing this trip was!”

These heartfelt words, by Year 10 student Jasmine Blennerhassett, really sum up what a blessing it was to be part of the Leonora Bush Mission trip this year.

At 6:30am on Saturday, 27 September this year’s team set off for Leonora. We were thankful for all your prayers as we managed to stay ahead of the rain, though we did encounter some very strong winds and drove through some dust storms in the Southern Cross area. Just after 7:00pm we arrived in safely in Leonora.

This year seventeen of the twenty seven members of the team were Rehoboth students, ex-students, or staff. Our aim as always was to share the love of Christ with the children of Leonora (a small north-eastern Goldfields town). For many of the children who attend, this is probably the only time during the year when they get to hear about Jesus and His love for them, and for those who come from Christian homes it is a further encouragement for them.

During the week long holiday club we took the children on a “Mega Quest” from Creation, to Moses receiving the 10 Commandments, Jesus’ death and resurrection, and finally we had a glimpse of what heaven will be like. The children enjoyed the Bible stories, singing, skits, craft and games along the way. They also participated in some sport, face and nail painting, a movie, games night, parent night and BBQ. It was good to again experience being “the body of Christ, and seeing each one taking their part in it” (1 Corinthians 12:27).

Living communally is a lot of fun, but at times can be tough, especially when you are tired or sick, but the whole team worked together well, “encouraged each other and built each other up,” as in 1 Thessalonians 5:11.

At 8:00pm on Saturday, 4 October we arrived safely back in Perth, having been both a blessing and blessed. We thank God for this opportunity and look forward to taking another group of Year 10 students to Leonora next year.

Please visit our blog for more photos and information about the week.

Those attending from Rehoboth this year were:

Students: Jasmine Blennerhassett, Simon Bryant, Josiah Kappert, Ruben Mellado, Ebuka Nnadigwe, Rebekah Oostryck, Dana Renshaw, Rowell Sarmiento, Daniel Thoomes, Sara van Dam and Kaylee Waterson

Ex-students: Jadon and Jessica Henderson

Staff: Mrs W Howard, Mrs S Mellado, Mrs T Povey and Mrs N Henderson

Mrs Henderson

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