Year 9 Rite Journey Excursion to Adrenaline Vault

Year 9 students have been provided with the space to think of how to approach the challenges and joys of life as they grow older.

In 2021, the Rite Journey program has provided Year 9 students with the space to think through what it means to mature as a young person, and how to approach the challenges and joys of life as they grow older.

Some of the recent topics of discussion have been ‘overcoming fear’ and ‘the body as a gift’. On Wednesday 19 May, we travelled to Adrenaline Vault in Belmont to give students the opportunity to apply their recent learnings, as they were faced with the prospect of towering climbing walls. For some, this was a chance to overcome some very real fears, a chance to show off their God given climbing abilities for a few, and for others a valuable time to connect with others in a more relaxed setting.

Table tennis games, a raiding of the ice-cream cabinet, and some good conversation ensured it was a fun afternoon for all involved. Hopefully with a learning moment or two as well!

Image via Adrenaline Vault

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