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Year 9 Adventure Camp 2016

This year’s camp took place at the Bickley Outdoor Recreation Campsite, where Rehoboth’s Year 9 students took part in unique and exciting activities in a tranquil bush setting. Our mission was to enhance the Year 9 students lives through sport and recreation over the three days.

At the camp, we encouraged everyone to participate in a wide range of activities and programs. This gave the students the opportunity to:

  • learn skills related to a particular physical activity and to become confident participants in the future;
  • enhance their interpersonal and leadership skills;
  • improve their self-management, decision making and time management skills;
  • learn to appreciate the outdoor environment

Promoting participation in physical activity was our main aim because we understand the value sport and recreation has on our general well-being. Therefore, we will always aspire to provide a safe and supportive environment for Rehoboth students to attain the holistic benefits that come from quality physical activity.

Bickley Camp provides a large range of adventure recreation programs that are designed to challenge participants on a variety of levels. Overnight communal living environments empower participants to develop various skills in an environment foreign to their everyday life.
Other benefits include:

  • development of communication, interpersonal, leadership and cooperation skills;
  • increased participants’ accountability for themselves, others and their environment;
  • awareness and management of emotions;
  • understanding of responsible risk taking;
  • teamwork and collaboration;
  • improved decision making and problem solving;
  • reduction in antisocial behaviour;
  • improved socialisation skills and strategies;
  • fun, and increased self-esteem and self- awareness.

In order to meet these outcomes, the camp operated on the ethos of “Challenge by Choice”. This is based on experiential learning theory, which is defined as being able to undertake an experience that a participant can relate back to their life or existing lifestyle in a positive way.

There is an understanding that everyone has varying thresholds for challenge and these challenges can range in their nature and variety. We aimed to provide an experience that enables participants to determine their own level of challenge and broaden and develop their perceived limitations by participating in adventure activities both in individual and team environments.

All staff aimed to provide a safe experience in which students could explore and extend their abilities and limitations. Rehoboth will never support participation through excessive pressure and intimidation.

The “Challenge by Choice” ethos recognises that the attempt is as significant as the result.

Following is a list of the structured recreation programs that the Year 9s participated in at Bickley Camp.

Roping Programs

Crate Climb

A roping program that involves the group building structures to allow each participant to climb to various heights as required by the task. Although only one person is climbing at a time, the rest of the group is required to stabilise the structure and add to its complexity.

Flying Fox

Offers a 50m high-speed traverse across the picturesque Bickley Reservoir. Participants added extra challenges and excitement to the activity once they were familiar with the operation and were deemed confident.

Leap of Faith

This activity consisted of a 9m high wooden pole, with a small platform on top. Participants were required to climb the pole, stand on the platform and then jump for a trapeze bar. Nerves of steel were required for this Leap of Faith.

Vertical Challenges

The Vertical Challenges activity consisted of three independent climbing elements; a ladder climb, vertical cargo net and a pole climb that incorporates the use of rock climbing holds. Participants worked in small groups to safely belay the climbers up each element before lowering them back to the ground. The use of belay banks allowed all the participants to be involved at all times.

Land Programs

Mountain Biking

Bickley Camp offered a ride of 7km in length and took us from Bickley Camp site to Victoria Reservoir and back. The ride required a moderate level of fitness and moderate bike handling skills. The ride takes in the scenery of the Victoria Reservoir Catchment Area.

Search and Rescue

This program was popular as it supported map reading and deciphering skills in a team setting. Participants used detailed topographical maps of the Bickley Valley area and two-way radios to locate the missing military remnants and obtain the code words. They had to be on the lookout for the enemy to avoid being captured.

Team Building

This program was a collection of team challenges designed to make participants think outside the square to solve an array of problems. The problems were designed to develop and improve group skills. Improved communication, cooperation, trust and leadership were achieved through this program.

Water Programs


Participants were guided through basic canoe manoeuvrability and safety aspects, including the techniques of rafting up and capsize recovery. Each participant was provided with a personal flotation device (PFD) and a paddle. During the session participants were involved in a number of activities including shuttle and obstacle course races, canoe polo, balancing challenges and simply a leisurely paddle on the reservoir.

Raft Making

Participants were given advice on how to construct rafts using ropes, planks and drums. They then built rafts in teams in preparation for a major paddle challenge. This program was a unique team building activity, aimed at encouraging a group to work together more effectively.

Student Comments

“It helped me see God through others in many different wonderful ways”

“A time to see a different side to people”

“I have overcome being afraid of heights”

“It meant me getting along with people I would usually avoid”

“I was very anxious before I came and I worried about a lot of things so it was a challenge for me to come”

“I reduced the anti-socialness level in my life”

“A way to have fun with my friends and have a good laugh”

What the Year 9 Camp Meant to Me

Hang out with friends
Try things I’ve never done before
Challenge myself
Go outside of my comfort zone
Learn new things
Relationship with friends
Really good experience
Fun experience
Learn about having a relationship with God
Learn how to deal with different people
Improving myself

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