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Year 8s Venture into the Great Outdoors

It was nice to get out into the world and experience some geography “for real.”

On Monday 1 March, the Year 8 students ventured into the “great outdoors” for their HASS lesson. After studying contour lines and rivers in class, we had the opportunity to explore what 200m above sea level looks like. What a spectacular view it was!

We also got to experience the joys of trying to walk down some very steep contour lines to the base of the Lesmurdie Falls. A select few had the chance to experience what it was like to slide down a contour line into a bush, which regrettably was quite a spiky bush! Other members of our class managed to walk gently down the ridge line to sea level.

Unfortunately, our long, hot summer meant that the lower creek was dry and there was not much water actually falling! This did not stop us from being able to trace the path of the water into the creek bed.

However, in the upper reaches of the Lesmurdie Brook, we found a meander and some examples of the way that water erodes and shapes the landscape. It became apparent that sometimes large ants have this effect!

Students had the opportunity to practice field sketching (a geographical skill) and consider why the brook and waterfall occur where they do and how they shape the land around them.

It was nice to get out into the world and experience some geography “for real” and see our students embrace this opportunity with enthusiasm!

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