Year 8 Landscapes Exploration

This was an opportunity to enjoy God's creation that was way too short!

As part of our HASS exploration of Australian landscapes and landforms, especially rivers, Year 8 spent an afternoon in Term 1 surveying the city of Perth from the top of Lesmurdie Falls and then walking down to the base of the Falls. We attempted field sketches (harder than they appear)! We also observed meanders eroding and depositing sediment in Lesmurdie Brook and we traced the erosion ability of water in rocks and through the plains of Perth. We also managed to spot some very neat interlocking spurs and valleys that form part of the river system on the Darling Range. We practised some of our mapping skills and saw what contours look like on a map and in real life. This was an opportunity to enjoy God’s creation that was way too short!

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