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Fremantle, Frozen Cokes, Firefighters, and Fun

Yr 8 Camp 2017 Banner

In Week 3 of this Term, Year 8 students hit the streets of Fremantle for the first day of their camp. It was a great day of tracking down items and photos for the scavenger hunt, exploring the tunnels beneath Fremantle Prison, and laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

One of the highlights was when one group accidentally broke into a Fire Station, shocking the firefighters mid-training session by their entrance into a “secure area”. Thankfully, the firefighters were impressed and grateful to our students for highlighting a minor security issue.

Another highlight was the visit to Hungry Jack’s for frozen cokes.

We shared a meal together at Joe’s Fish Shack before heading back to school for showers, a movie night, and then a sleepover in the Rehoboth Centre.

The following day we arose with the sun at a cheery 5:10am! Some of us managed to doze until 6:30 before Mr Murray cooked bacon and egg rolls for breakfast on the BBQ.

Before heading out to Bounce, we relaxed by braiding hair, playing some volleyball on the oval, shooting some hoops, and sharing in devotion together. The students then enjoyed a couple of hours at Bounce, particularly the new X-Park area where they could test their parkour and ninja warrior skills.

Back at school, we had a sausage sizzle for lunch and spent the afternoon playing more volleyball and team building games. When it was time for home, we were all sad to leave each other, but so ready for naps.

Camp is always a highlight of Year 8, and this year was no exception. Students and teachers came away with many warm memories and depth of relationships. We thank God for the opportunity we had to share together and hope the students look back fondly on this time together.

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