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Year 7 Orientation 2017

Year 7 Orientation 2017

On Thursday 14 September, the Year 6 students from Kenwick and Wilson joined together for an introduction to Secondary School life. It was an exciting and action filled day where students enjoyed a variety of team building activities, a taste of various subjects, and a grand tour of the Secondary School.

Students from both Campuses were split into three tribes and participated in rotations through Design and Technologies, Science, and Mathematics. Do not be fooled, these subjects kept students engaged and entertained – from Mr Peletier’s wacky science explosions, to Mr Kuiper’s teaching students how to make flying catapults – there was something to learn and enjoy for everyone on the day.

Here’s what some of our Wilson students thought about their orientation:

“The thing that I most enjoyed was Science with Mr Peletier where we exploded lots of things. Something new I learnt was that Maths can actually be fun! Something interesting was when Mr Peletier filled balloons with hydrogen and they let off colour when popped”– Athalya Chandra

“The thing I enjoyed the most about orientation is the new people I got to meet. Something new that I learnt was that a cheezel can burn for a long time if you light it because of all the fats in it. Something interesting about the orientation was that the design and technology classroom was a lot bigger than I expected!” – Georgia Strickling

“The best part of orientation was Science class because of all the explosions as well as a screaming gummy bear! Something new about High School was the small recess and how it only lasted 15 minutes. One interesting thing was the tile pictures on the walls of the High School” – Holly Young

“The thing I enjoyed most was definitely the Science lesson. It was so much fun being able to test chemicals ourselves. My favourite part of the whole lesson was when the gummy bear exploded” – Cassidy Margono

“I enjoyed orientation because all my friends were there and I got to do activities with them, but my favourite part was Science. We got to experiment on things and different liquids. Something I learnt is that if you eat one M&M you have to walk three soccer fields to burn off the sugar. Something interesting was that if you have a weight that swings from the roof tied to rope, you stay completely still when you let it go from your chin and it won’t come back to hit you!” – Jean-Jack Sayon

“I most enjoyed seeing my Kenwick friends and hanging out with them. I learnt that they use gummy bears as test subjects a lot! One thing I found interesting was in science where we were burning different chemicals that would change the colour of the flame and that I was braver than some boys!” – Amber O’Sullivan

“I really enjoyed watching displays of science and getting to do it ourselves, especially watching Mr Peletier risking his life and ‘scientifically’ murdering a gummy bear. I found it really interesting to work out clever problems in Maths and cracking the codes – we also received an award!” – Isabeau van der Kooy

“I enjoyed the Science class with Mr Peletier. I enjoyed watching him drop a gummy bear into a test tube with hot melted potassium chloride as the outcome was cool, terrifying and very interesting at the same time. It was almost like the gummy bear was being electrocuted and was screaming! It was interesting to see which designs in the Design and Technology class could get the gummy bears from the land of Ogre to the land of Turkish Rug!” – Clarissa Sandjaja

“I enjoyed having a tour around the school and introducing myself to new kids. I also liked exploring the school on my own with some of my friends too. I found it very interesting how the quizzes in Maths were so cool and interesting” – Shevaun Krans

As you have read, our students had an awesome day and came away feeling excited and better prepared for Year 7. They couldn’t believe how “cool” the teachers are, how engaging and exciting Maths and Science can be, and are looking forward to beginning their Secondary School years.

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