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Year 7 Canberra Trip 2018 Day 6 – Perisher Snowfields


Today was the big highlight most students had been waiting for – our day in the snow at Perisher! We weren’t disappointed either, as there had been snowfall earlier in the week and it was a relatively warm day (if you can call 5° warm). After travelling nearly 3 hr to get there, our first port of call was the quadlift. This took up the mountain to the perfect spot for a snowfight. Students quickly learnt the best way to make a snowball, how to accurately throw them, and just how cold wet snow is when a pile of it is shoved down your jacket.

“Today our class went on a 3 hour trip to the snow, with a stop to hire snow gear. When we got to the Mount Kosciuszko National Park we took a ski lift to the top of the mountain where we had a snow ball fight. After the fight we took the ski lift down the mountain and had lunch, then we walked to the tobogganing hill and tobogganed. After that we went on the bus ride back to our dorms, with a stop to return the snow gear. To perfectly fnish a packed and pleasant day we had MacDonald’s for dinner” – Holly Young

“I enjoyed so many things about going to see snow. The first thing I liked was having snowball fights which were made mostly from hard and painful ice. My favourite thing was tobogganing and smashing through ice while I fell down. In conclusion, the snow day was by far the best experience I’ve had in Canberra” – Richard Cai


After taking the quadlift back down the mountain for lunch, it was onto the field for tobogans. Some students weren’t quite sure what you were supposed to do, but they quickly got the hang of it. You just needed to avoid the ditch at the bottom of the slope unless you wanted to crash in spectacular fashion. Others took the opportunity to try their hand at building a snowman. With no broken bones and only ear-to-ear grins as students made their way back to the bus, we think today was a big success.

“The highlights of the second last day in Canberra were definitely playing in the snow. We had epic snow fights and made cool forts. Later on in the day we went tobogganing, which was fun and competitive at the same time” – Aimee Astell

“On 27 June we went to Perisher to go experience what snow is like. For most of us, we have never touched snow so it was very special. The first interactive thing we did was just picking up snow ad throwing it. I enjoyed it when Mr de Bruyn had a taste of snow by most of the Year 7 boys. After that we went tobogganing. Me and Isaac went on one board and kept falling off it, which was funny” – Jean-Jack Sayon

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