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Year 7 Canberra Trip 2018 Day 3 – St Andrew’s Church, High Court and Questacon

It’s day 3 already! Being Sunday, the first order of business was a visit to church. It was a beautiful sunny day as we ventured out after another delicious breakfast.

St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

Singing and worshipping God as a whole group was a special experience, especially when it’s in a building as beautiful as St Andrew’s. This church holds the distinction of being one of the first to be built and Canberra, and is the closest church to Parliament House. The members of St Andrew’s were very welcoming and friendly as they showed us around their beautiful church.

“Today we went to St Andrew’s Church, where we experienced the amazing service, sang and listened to the missionaries. Later we went to the kids’ service where we watched a video of the history of the Bible and learnt that we are part of the story. We also played a very fun game, then we had morning tea which the church provided. After, we could have a look around the magnificent church. We saw a woman playing the organ – she was amazing. We could also ring the bells of the church. The church had beautiful stained glass windows and wooden elements. I really liked the church, it was a different and pleasant experience” – Jacqueline Ardian

High Court of Australia

Lunch was followed by a visit to the High Court, our country’s final authority on the law. We learnt a lot about Australia’s Constitution, why it is an important document, and the 6 key principles it contains. We also learnt that the Constitution has a rule in it that says there must be a final court to interpret the law, and that’s why we have a High Court.

“At the High Court, we got to look at Court 1 and our guide showed us all kinds of things, including why there are indents in the walls. They are there because there are cameras that record the cases, and the indents help the sound not to echo. Also, there was a musical performance just as we were leaving. It was great at the High Court” – Cody Chew

Court 1 was an impressive, 18m tall room. While our visit was short, our guide was impressed with students’ answers to her questions about the role of the High Court.


“Questacon had heaps of amazing activities to keep you entertained. The Excite room was my favourite. The things you could do in there would keep you busy all day. We even got to verse some students from another school in a game of air hockey! The gift shop contained some cool things that you would really want to buy. The overall experience was amazing and I hope the next classes to come will enjoy it too” – Alex Nawn

An activity many students had been looking forward to, Questacon offers 5 floors of interactive science and technology exhibits. From free falling to experience the effect of gravity, to water sustainability, robotics, colour, a microscope lab and much more, Questacon kept everyone engaged for the whole afternoon.

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