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Year 6 Discipleship Roles

Our Year 6 students are given the opportunity to practice their leadership skills by serving the school community.

In Year 6 at Rehoboth, students are given the opportunity to practice their leadership skills and develop their maturity by serving the school community. These roles are split into four teams: Playground, Environmental, Missions and Assembly.

For the most part, these roles are exciting and students enjoy taking on the extra responsibility around the College.

At other times, their roles may not be as glamorous and require them to be servant hearted.

Whatever their role may be, it is an opportunity for our Year 6s to understand the meaning behind Acts 20:35, “…it is more blessed to give than to receive,” and for them to grasp that worship to God is more than a song, but an offering of their whole lives unto Him (Romans 12:1). 

Below is a glimpse into the current teams, and the wonderful service they bring to our school community.

Playground Team

As a team, we go around helping other kids on the playground, helping them if they are alone or injured. We collect the house tokens every week and are responsible for organising games at lunch time. We also give house updates at assemblies. Overall, it's very fun because we get to help other people! We also love walking around at lunch with a duty vest on!
Angelina, Adele, Lucca, Maximus, Jun, and Evelyn
Playground Team Members

Environmental Team

A part of our job is to keep the school clean and nice for visitors, teachers and students. Each day, we make sure we have packed away the lunchbox tubs and help Mr van der Kooy on a Friday afternoon around the school. We love to raise the Australian flag on our flagpole every morning too!
Leah, Mikhayla, Glamyne, Chloe H, Bethany, Byron and Annabelle
Environmental Team Members

Missions Team

We are responsible for collecting and organising donations, writing letters to our sponsor child Aguero, and organising fundraisers. We love visiting different classes to promote our fundraisers, speaking at assembly, and handing our the Missions Panda.
Chloe A, Michael, Clara, Reuben, Arielle, Kate, Beatrice
Missions Team Members

Assembly Team

We love our role because we get to see assemblies from a different perspective. We help set up, run and pack down assemblies with Mr van der Kooy and Mr Seow. Having more responsibility for each assembly is fun but a lot of work! We get to manage the microphones, the run sheet and PowerPoint presentations.
Anna, Annabel, Laila, Lucas, Hannah, Aaron, Asher
Assembly Team Members

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