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Year 5s Spend a Night at School

The amazing Year 5 Camp was held on Thursday and Friday of the last week of Term 1.

We arrived with enthusiasm and excitement, expecting a sumptuous dinner, and yes, we did get awesome burgers followed by dessert and then activities galore!

We began the evening with a stargazing experience. Telescopes were set up and we were able to see God’s wonder in the heavens. This event was completed with an incredible talk on what we (well, astronomers) have discovered about the universe.

We then geared up for a battle with our Nerf Guns! It was an hilarious time of ducking for cover and bravery exhibited by some of us to retrieve foam darts. Capture the Flag was played in near pitch black conditions and we ran and dived to give our team ultimate success. There was a lot of laughing by all. Before bed, our evening was completed by Mr van der Kooij setting up a wonderful (safe) fire pit. We enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows to toast along with some beautiful praise and worship singing.

Friday we were up early to a wonderful pancake breakfast followed by handing out bookmarks we made to the arriving students. Mr Blennerhassett took us for devotions and then we played some team games in the undercover area.

Each of us had the opportunity to make our own rolls for lunch and then we walked to Centenary Park for our version of the “Commonwealth Games”. After our competition we enjoyed lunch together and then enjoyed our walk back to school where we were allowed to relax and watch a movie.

Our camp was exhausting, but really wonderful and we all loved spending our time together as a school family.

Thank you to all the teachers and staff who contributed to making this a memorable event.

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