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Year 5s Learn About Biological Sciences and ‘Surviving in Tough Times’

This Semester, the Year 5s have been learning about Biological Sciences and the topic Surviving in Tough Times

In this unit students compare the structural features of various plants and animals before exploring how certain plants and animals have adapted to suit different environments. Students found the meaning of the word adaptation and watched a video about how living things change over time. During this unit, students have researched various Australian animals and have learnt how they have adapted to the Australian climate, particularly surviving cold winters, hot summers, bush fires and deadly predators. 

The culmination of the unit was a STEM project. I said to students that God has asked you to create a new species of bear that has adapted to survive in an Australian desert, and a diorama of its new environment.

This aligns with the Biblical Thread ‘Caretaking the Earth: Students actively respond to God’s call to carefully manage of all creation’.

It required them to research other species of bears and to carefully consider what effects the bear will have on the environment and how it will survive in the new habitat. Students then filmed a video explaining how its adaptations allow it to survive in its new environment.

The class have used a variety of materials to create their dioramas. Students researched the environmental conditions of the Stuart Stony desert, and based on that information; they began to identify the materials needed. 

Students then searched around the school and were able to find suitable cardboard boxes for the project and some students were also able to use boxes that they had at home. They are still working on their projects and are putting the finishing touches to their dioramas, and as you can see, they have put a lot of research and work into their project.

Awesome effort, Year 5. 

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