Year 5 Board Games (Project Based Learning)

This semester the Year 5 class has engaged in Project Based Learning (PBL). The task that was set for them was to create a board game for a specific age group that they believed could be sold at Toys R Us.

The students were placed in small groups and they were required to design, create and construct a game that does not resemble any game on the market today. They also had to write the instructions on how to play the game.

All the groups made draft copies of their games and prior to the final good copy being made, it was tested by other groups. Feedback was given and any issues were addressed by the group. This could have meant re-writing instruction to make clearer or changing a part of the game that didn’t work.

Aimee, Ella, Amy and Sarah’s game was called “Mr Preece Around the World”. In this game Mr Preece travels the world collecting pets and souvenirs. If you get the right card, you can steal something from another person. The winner of the game is the person who has the most souvenirs.

In Alex and Liam’s game “Sensations Soccer Match” you roll the dice and move your counter around one side of the board, trying to avoid getting a yellow or red card. On the other half of the board you move towards the goal. You can play either timed or to a certain amount of goals.

Rebecca, Kate, Shalom and Aliza’s game was called “Free the Endangered Animals in 10 Seconds”. By rolling the dice you pick up a 10 seconds of fun card, and do what the card says within 10 seconds. The object of the game is to get the key and free the animals from the castle. On the way, there will be some challenges that you must overcome.

The Year 5 class has had a great time with this project. It has extended their knowledge in analysing and evaluating their game concepts as well as how to critique another group’s game and provide relevant feedback. Groups receiving feedback have addressed the comments and have implemented changes suggested to make their game more appealing to their target age group.

Judging by the sounds of laughter and cheering, the class have enjoyed playing each other’s games. A great effort by the entire class. Well done!

Mr Preece

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