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Year 5 and 6 Visit Parliament House

On Friday, 18 November the Year 5 and 6 students went to the city to visit Parliament House.

We saw the Upper and Lower House. The Upper House had red walls and long sofas and the Lower House had blueish/greenish walls and long sofas.

In the Upper House, we saw a black rod which represents the Queen when she is not there and the gold mace that represents protection for the speaker.

It was a big building with lots of stairs that go up and up and looks like a snail shell. Year 6 did a role-play; Tiaan was the speaker and everyone else had a turn arguing. This was our favourite part of the day.

Jayden and Ebeni


At the Constitutional House, we were taught by Caroline, who taught us about Federation and how Australia became a nation. We learned a lot of things that day.

The first session was an hour long. We had some recess and came back in for another lesson. We had a lot of fun learning about the opinions different colonies had about Federation.

We enjoyed going to Parliament House. One highlight was taking part in a role-play. We all had different roles to play like the speaker, clerk, members of parliament, journalists and a sergeant at arms.

There were a lot of chandeliers there and the place was very nice. We got to meet Mr Nick Goiran who had provided some afternoon tea for us, which was a blueberry cupcake and some juice. It tasted very nice. We prayed for Nick Goiran that he would use his position as a parliamentarian to spread God’s Word.

We played some games in the park which was fun, then headed back to school. We enjoyed the experience and had a great time.

Ethan and Riley


On our excursion to The Constitutional Centre of WA and Parliament House, we took part in two educational sessions; one on the Three Levels of Parliament, and another on Rules and Laws.

At Parliament House, we were able to enjoy the architectural design, especially the Swan Feature. We also met with Nick Goran, who told us about the importance of having God’s Word in our government.


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