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Year 5-6 21st Century Skills Workshops

The Year 5 and 6 students at Rehoboth have met together a few times throughout the Term to learn more about some of the 21st century skills that they will need for their future. 21st century skills include things such as collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, public speaking, research, organisation and presentation skills.

During these seminars, our Year 5 and 6 students from Kenwick came across to the Wilson Campus to participate in the workshops.

Mr Norman provided the students with information about collaboration skills. Students learnt why we collaborate, along with different places that we collaborate and the skills that we need to have effective collaboration. Students had an opportunity to analyse their strengths and were able to share that in an online collaboration program. In our second session we used some challenging collaboration games to help us look at what happens when groups do not collaborate versus groups that do collaborate.

Mrs Witcombe taught the kids some research skills. Students learnt that it is important to take notes and to record their research in their own words. They also learnt different ways to search for information.

Ms van der Reest demonstrated a range of presentation skills. Students learnt how to critique the presentation of a variety of work. We talked about colour, shape, font, text placement, diagrams and pictures and how to use each one effectively in our presentation. Students learnt common mistakes when presenting work and why they could miss out on marks for presentation. Over the two sessions we even discussed using simple tools like our rulers to make sure our work was neat!

Mrs Rajanayagam explained why students need to be organised and provided themwith a range of strategies to improve their organisational skills. Students learnt about different strategies they could use to organise and manage their days. They understood that having a checklist or writing items in their diaries can assist them in having a smooth and engaging day. Students also learnt that having an organised file prepares them for the day and finding past worksheets sets them up for a focus stress free day. Students were given a variety of planners to work with in small groups. Most students reflected and decided which one they found more beneficial to them.

Miss Gibbon demonstrated ways to improve their public speaking skills. Students learnt about strategies to improve both their non-verbal and verbal speaking skills. They discovered that good posture and making eye contact with their audience can help to portray a confident person. They learnt how their tone of voice, expression and pace can be used to add interest and colour to their talks. Students also learnt that being prepared and practising their speech beforehand will improve their final public presentation. Students were also given the opportunity to practise these skills by presenting a short, one-minute talk to a small group of their peers.

Student Reflections

“A couple of things I learned about in our seminars was that to collaborate we need to communicate clearly. When working together, you have to include everyone and decide and talk about what you are going to do together before you get started. I also learnt about how to sound and look confident when sharing a speech” – Georgia Povey

“I enjoyed learning about collaboration skills because we had to work together to make a bridge for a marble to travel into a bucket” – Edrian Mwenda

“In the next 21st century skills seminar that we do, I am looking forward to the researching skills lesson because I want to know how to properly research the correct questions in the computer. I will then know how to find the best answers” – Izabella Sastrawidjaja

“In collaboration skills, I learnt that you have to work together to finish a task or project. In public speaking skills, I learnt that when you go up and speak in public, you need to look confident. That means that you don’t shrink back and fiddle with your hands or feet. In presentation skills, I learnt that when you do a poster, you need to check that everything is good and ask someone else to check it for you also” – Elim Yiu

“When the Year 5 and 6s came together, I learned five very important things. Collaboration, public speaking, organisational skills, researching, and presentation skills. The think I liked to do was organisational skills, because it was easy and I learnt to organise better than last time. I also enjoyed being with the other Year 6s from Kenwick, as I made some friends”  Sharon Susetya

“What’s fun and educational all at the same time? Workshops! The Year 5 and 6s from both campuses have been learning 21st century skills. Such as, organisational, presentation, collaboration, research and public speaking skills. We spent two Monday’s going through different strategies for all the various skills. It was the highlight of the week” – Kezia Namdin

“Students from Kenwick and Wilson got together to do some workshops. We looked at different skills that would help us at high school. We rotated through five different activities – collaboration, organisational, presentation, public speaking and research skills. I have been trying to do all the things that I learnt during our workshops” – Abraham Winarto

“I learnt that sometimes people can look confident but still be very nervous and also to spread out your work so you don’t have to rush. I felt very excited when we were all together and I am looking forward to doing more public speaking” – Alisha Chai

“I had heaps of questions and they were answered in the sessions. I learnt that we research every day! And when we have to present, relax and just be yourself. It was a great morning and it was nice to see the Kenwick kids coming to Wilson and now they know where to go each time they come over” – Jacob Chapman

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