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Year 4 Constitution Centre, Electoral Commission, and Kings Park

Year 4 Constitution Centre, Electoral Commission, and Kings Park

Democracy. Dictatorship. Dystopian futures filled with dastardly leaders and diabolical governments who don’t love God or deliver justice?

Yes, on a recent excursion in the city, the Year 4 Wilson class discovered that voting matters and that God wants us to understand the rules, laws, and Constitution that help make Australia such a great place to live.

Here are some of our student’s reflections and rhymes on the excursion and their understanding of the government:

The Constitution Centre is a wonderful place,
You can learn things at your own pace.
The Constitution Centre is the place to learn rules and flaws,
Seeing a picture of a town that without them has, oh, so many flaws.

Olivia K

In the Constitution Centre we learnt about rules and laws,
Without them in the community there would be many flaws.
Our friends were labelled as lollies, and we made some votes,
The inspectors watched us and then took some notes.
Next we went to the Dino Park which was lots of fun,
But we had to put on sunscreen to protect us from the sun.

Katie S

There was our great Year 4 class who went on a bus to the Constitutional Centre,
Peacefully we went to and fro, with Mr Hunter leading the pack.
We learnt about rules and laws, and how to vote when ready to lead the way,
News we watched with glee with a robot lady watching me and keeping us free.

Elijah L

At the Constitution Centre we met Remie, our kind and gentle guide,
We sat quietly in our seats while the parents sat aside.
She showed us a picture of a town with no rules or laws,
It was total chaos, you cant count their flaws.
At Kings Park we played on the equipment, including the dinosaurs,
Then we travelled to the DNA tower, where the birds soars.

Jessie B

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