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BizKids Maker’s Market

BizKids Maker's Market

Year 4-6 students have been participating in BizKids for the past three terms.

BizKids is an entrepreneurial teaching and learning unit in which students learn financial literacy. Our students have been busy making lots of gifts and treats for the Rehoboth community to purchase and enjoy!

Congratulations to all the students and helpers at our inaugural Bizkids Maker’s Market. It was such an exciting afternoon and a huge success! It was lovely to see families mingling and chatting in what turned out to be a wonderful community event!

While this was an awesome afternoon, it signifies the end of months and months of planning and learning. We asked the students to write one or two things they learned that they didn’t know before.

What Students Had to Say

‘I have learnt that if you make your price lower than the materials you spent it on, you lose money’ – Nathan

‘I learnt how to draw people in and make them buy’ – Evelyn

‘During this experience, I learnt that making a business is hard. I also learnt that I have to take lots of responsibility’ – Josephine

‘I learnt that to make a business you have to get all the things you need for it and then you can start to think of all the problems and fix them’ – Oliver

‘I learnt that you have to do things that are needed on time… otherwise homework for you!’ – Maffew

‘I learnt patience from having to repeat the same process and waiting a long time’ – Shilah

‘I learned that it is very important to bring your products and make it perfect (100%) so that it will sell. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to make it perfect’ – Hanna

‘I learnt that working together is very good but sometimes you can work by yourself’ – Lucy

‘What I learnt in BizKids is that we can make anything we want if we put our mind to it. I also learnt we can work better as a group that by ourselves’ – Chantelle

‘I have learnt more about supply and demand’ – Josh

‘I learnt about auctions’ – Hugo

‘I have learnt that you need seed money to start a business’ – James

‘I learnt that half pricing your products attracts a lot of consumers’ – Jeremy

‘I was shocked at how much time and patience it takes to make a business’ – Joel

‘One thing I learnt during Bizkids is that the way you present something will draw more attention. I also learnt that business planning is way harder than I thought’ – Rehema

‘”Quality is over Quantity”‘ – Annabelle

‘I have learnt how to be more useful in a group’ – Dylan

‘I learnt that money is hard to earn and when you do, you have to invest most of it in your business’ – Ruth

‘I learned how to use money in a real-life scenario’ – Anna

‘I learnt to take responsibilities by watering plants every morning and afternoon’ – Flora

‘I learnt that it is important to work together or the business won’t be a success because everyone wants to do their own thing’ – Evie

‘I learnt about teamwork’ – Olivia

‘I learnt that making people interested in buying our items can be hard’ – Hannah

‘I learnt the worth of money and you need to know how to budget it’ – Ginika

‘I learnt to cooperate with others in my group’ – Anonymous

‘I learnt how stressful it was to finish everything’ – Anonymous

‘I have learned about making money, pricing, budget and business’ – Sebastian

And our personal favourite…

‘I learnt how much it hurts when you hit yourself with a hammer’ – Anthony

A huge shout out to our teachers and especially to our three parent volunteers. Mrs Mason and Mrs van der Kooy have sacrificed their time and used their considerable gifts for a whole year leading a group on their own. Mrs Bongers was a fantastic help and cheer squad to our Pet Pals group. It goes far beyond what we expect of our parents and we are very grateful for their dedication.

The students all did a terrific job on the stalls, and for most, the learning and fun that has occurred every Tuesday over this year will be something they will remember for a lifetime. It was a great example to students that doing something hard is worthwhile with persistence.

The more parents we have involved, the better the program will become, so if you are keen, let us know through admin for us to follow up in the new year!

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