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Year 2 Creative Homework Projects

Over the course of Term 4, Year 2 Kenwick students completed a Homework Booklet that included a range of different projects. Students were still expected to complete their reading and spelling homework each night, but this new method allowed them to develop skills such as creativity, collaboration, physical activity, agency, problem solving, and motor skills.

Each fortnight they were given a choice between two projects. They were able to present their project as a video, poster, PowerPoint, model, written or typed piece. Some of the projects were:

  • Writing a mixed-up story
  • Creating a maths quiz and testing a family member
  • Designing and making their own healthy smoothie recipe
  • Planning and constructing a house made out of any material
  • Drawing a hybrid animal
  • Designing a new sports game and playing it with the family

It was wonderful to see whole families get involved and work together on the various projects. Some of the students talk us through their creations in the video above. Mrs Pike loved seeing some of the amazing houses that were brought into school – thank you, students and parents, for all your effort and enthusiasm!

Mrs Verdouw

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