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Year 11 Geography – Perth Hills Excursion

The Year 11 Geography students (and a handful of advanced Year 10 students) recently had the opportunity to spend the day at Perth Hills Discovery Centre. 

The day provided a great chance for students to deepen their understanding of fire prevention and mitigation. Students were informed of the different types of fires, causes and best evacuation strategies.

As part of the day, students were given the task of assessing the safety of different buildings and locations in the bush, as well as the best evacuation points.

It was a beautiful day to spend in the outdoors, and we were treated to one of the most entertaining guides/presenters known to mankind.

We all agreed that he would be a drama teacher in another life (don’t worry, your job is safe Mr Dougherty).

The fieldwork completed really brought to life what had been learnt in class.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable outing for all.

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