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Year 10 Work Experience

The Year 10 Work Experience program was a resounding success again this year. The comments from employers were, on the whole, the best we’ve had. I would like to thank all the employers for their participation and for their encouraging evaluations of our students. Most of the students had a wonderful experience at a large variety of different workplaces. I would like to thank the students for their excellent conduct and courteous behaviour, and their parents for finding the worthwhile placements and for supporting their children during the week. I would also like to thank the teachers who so willingly went to visit or phone the many workplaces and for their positive feedback.

Below are comments from some of the organisations involved, as well as from the students themselves.

Student Comments


“I really enjoyed helping the children understand things that they hadn’t before and you need to be patient as the kids get distracted easily” – Martin Astell

“I experienced serving people and seeing the smile on their faces. Some customers were very grumpy and during rush hour we all need to work as a team” – Maya Phiri

“Research is more fun than I expected. I learned a lot of scientific terms and the uses of enzymes and antiobodies in the body. Working with adults can be interesting and fun” – Sean Gibbon

“I found there was flexibility and less restrictions when working. Being a lawyer requires problem solving skills, being polite and understanding to clients, and being ethical about decisions” – Richmond Cai

“I learnt that the only way to be good and fair in work is to be honest. Being devoted makes work easier. A challenge I faced was getting tired on some days and forcing yourself to wake up early” – Eddie Mwenda

“I got to learn more about the anatomy of the body and saw how the patients were very close with their Physiotherapist. Also, Physios are very relaxed in their down time – eating cheesecake and chocolate” – Rachael Fleming

“I got to go to the District Court and saw the judge sentencing the accused. One interesting thing I got to do was learn about transcripts” – Sui Sang te Chung

“Learning new things about your teeth was cool” – Timothy Komaiya


Employer Comments


“I found with Tyson that he only needed to be instructed once, then he could do the job unattended” – Trinkor Pty Ltd

“Valdis always spoke encouragingly to the students and was quietly firm with some who became a little cheeky with him. It was a pleasure to have Valdis complete his work experience in our class” – Rehoboth Christian College – Kenwick Primary Campus

“Taeuk was a really good worker and a huge help with a positive attitude and good work ethic. He was able to be given a task and works quickly and diligently” – Rehoboth Christian College -Facilities and Maintenance Team

“Kelsey has been extremely proactive and enthusiastic working with the Priceline team. She has been punctual, reliable, and friendly – and generally a pleasure to have around” – Priceline – Canning Vale

“Can’t fault Luke’s willingness and application in wanting to learn. Well done Luke – come and see us in a few years” – Wintech & Autronics

“Richmond was polite, respectful, and interacted well with everyone in the office. He demonstrated intelligence and an ability to grasp unfamiliar legal concepts. He is a tribute to his parents and to Rehoboth” – Success Legal

“Josiah has been a great assistant in the studio. From helping build to assistance and input in recording sessions” – MD Music

“Timothy is a motivated student who is ready to work towards his goals. He has a caring attitude that will go a long way in helping him towards a future career in dentistry” – Dental Annex

“Eddie’s work ethic and his initiative to ask what to do next when he’s completed a task is very refreshing to see” – All Flags

“Naza was a hard worker – We were able to give instructions and he followed them with initiative regarding several different areas. Able to lead and pass on instructions” – Rehoboth Christian College – Facilities and Maintenance Team

“Jackson has done a great job whilst on work experience at Riverton Primary. He has demonstrated great initiative, works hard, and would be very suitable to working in this profession” – Riverton Primary School

“Sophia is a well organised and hard working student. She is always bright during dance classes and she is actually very good at dancing” – Michelle Oh Dance Studio

“Alistair was of tremendous help throughout the week. I commend him for diligently doing even mundane tasks with excellence. He is a great independent worker” – Mount Pleasant Baptist Church

Mrs Drennan

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