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Year 10 Experience the World of Work

Y10 Work Experience 2017 001

I would like to congratulate the Year 10 Work Experience students on their excellent conduct in the workplace. We received glowing feedback from many employers. For a couple of students, it was a steep learning curve, but thankfully everyone returned to school safely, mostly exuberant from the experience and after having had another week off school.

I would like to say a big “thank you” to the employers who took time out to teach the students new skills and to encourage them by giving them higher order tasks to do, like attending court, drawing CAD house plans, involving them in speech therapy sessions, in meetings, supervising the use of machinery safely and designing a busy schedule to give them a wide range of experience.

Employer Responses

Sofya Solovyova

Sofya has been a blessing to the ARMS ministry and to our home school cooperative. She has shown high levels of respect and thoughtfulness and is hardworking. We have enjoyed having her with us this week. Well done Sofya!

Police Department
Lizzie Goiran

Elizabeth Goiran was a delightful person to welcome to our team. Elizabeth demonstrated that she has the capacity and potential of working within WA Police’s diverse environment. I am confident Elizabeth will achieve anything she puts her mind to. I am also very impressed with Elizabeth’s manner of engaging with people around her and the well formulated questions she posed to the people she met in the week. Elizabeth is a wonderful representative of Rehoboth Christian College.

Everything turned out so well and it was very much due to Lizzie’s mature attitude and willingness to attend meetings and undertake set tasks with no issues what so ever.

I was also very impressed with Lizzie’s independence, initiative and self-motivation. She turned up each day on time and found her own way to Police HQ via public transport.

Murdoch Animal Hospital
Jamaica Kappert

Great to work with, was a big help, very pleasant and hard worker. Excellent in all respects. Thanks for your help this week and we wish you all the best in your future and know you’ll do great!

NR Barber Legal
Prischilla Kurnadi

Prischilla is a remarkable young woman – extremely friendly and capable. It has truly been our pleasure to have “hosted” her. I am confident that Prischilla will continue to succeed in life.

Millen Primary School
Natasha Phiri

Natasha has worked very hard and demonstrated a wonderful attitude to work. She has shown the capacity to be patient and supportive in our Pre-Primary classroom. Overall, this has been an outstanding effort.

Vance Thompson
Ethan Hunter

Very well regarded. Picked up work quickly, a pleasure to have around, well-mannered and respectful.

Lauren Murfit

A great worker, responsible, punctual, attentive. Very mature and happy.

Tadiwa Kapatika

Very well regard, a good intern, followed instructions, well-mannered and focussed. Went out with Geraldine to work sites, etc.

Hannah van Dam

Working well. Tree planting, water testing etc.

Malachi Terpstra

Very impressed, he has shown great initiative.

Jamison Fourie

Appreciated his help. Working well.

Student Thoughts

“I learned that Western Power is not just all about distributing power to the city, but much more. They also had a big involvement in communications between the substations and the cb radios between the company cars. I had to learn all the technical terms and consume a lot of information in order to understand what they were talking about. I was able to complete all the jobs that I was tasked with. Nobody complained about the work, so I reckon it was all fine. Work Experience has mostly influenced me to look into communications and electrical engineering. ”

AJ Pretorius
Western Power

“I enjoyed working with other workers, completing tasks with the others but I did not like doing the same thing over and over again. Like putting the lids, labeling the solution we had made. I was able to finish the tasks by just following the instructions of the employers. I think my job was mostly connected with science, the skills used in experiments like precise measurements and following the instructions exactly. This work experience gave me a variety of ways I could go after I graduated Rehoboth. Showing me the options I had when I was in UNI or TAFE. I liked doing work with other (nice) people and trying new types of work every time. I tried to be as humble as I could in my workplace, following all the instructions of the workers.”

Jason Park
Laboratory Assistant

“The aspect of the job I enjoyed was the interaction with the children. The children were gorgeous and absolutely a delight. There was a range of personalities and behaviours I witnessed.

I also enjoyed the aspect of helping children to communicate, because communication is so important. Relationships are built on communication and if we cannot communicate then we cannot develop good relationships with people.

The aspect of the job I disliked was the amount of reports speech pathologists have to write. I do not enjoy writing reports or essays because they take a lot of time and there is a lot of editing you have to do. There is so much paperwork as well.

I was able to complete the tasks I was given. One of the tasks I was given was to go through a whole cabinet of files to find one child’s document. There were so many files I had to get through, but I was glad to help and do something other than observe. I think the job would require English ATAR and a great English score because there are a lot of reports you have to write and you have to help children with speaking, listening, reading and writing. The job would also require Human Biology because you need to know the function of the tongue and mouth to make specific sounds.

Work experience has had an effect on my plans for future education and career. I understand now how important speech pathologists are. Esther Wilson, the employer, told me that pediatricians should recommend children to speech pathologists because they are important. I still want to go into something medical as a career.

I have learnt that I really have a heart for children. Children are blessings and treasures from heaven. It is a blessing to have children. I have also learnt about how blessed I am to speak without difficulty and have the ability to communicate with people. Before coming to work experience I took speaking and communicating for granted but now I am very grateful that I can speak with clarity and communicate to people.

I was observing most of the time in the speech pathology but I was able to be the ‘salt and light’ by picking up rubbish on the outside lawn. I did not interact with the children but I prayed for them. I prayed that the children would know they are loved and cherished by God, no matter their inabilities or difficulties.”

Mukho Saw
Straight Talk Speech Pathology

“I really enjoyed working with all the different kids and learning how to change my explanations to fit into how they learn and how their brains work. I also really loved working one on one with the kids and growing a relationship with them through the things I taught them and when I played with them in their activities.

There was barely anything that I disliked in this job. Probably the only thing would be that I had to sharpen heaps of pencils and it took a really long time! To follow a career in teaching, I can either do ATAR and get 70 or higher and I would be able to get into the teaching course in all Universities. Or I could do an Education Support TAFE Course which would be Certificate 3 and 4 throughout Year 11 and 12. This Certificate, and a good result in English, would give me a direct entry into most unis.

I have learnt that I really love teaching kids and seeing light bulbs go on in their brains when they get it. I have learnt that I am well suited to this type of job and that I will definitely not want an office job. I was able to show the teachers and adults around me that there are good, Christian teenagers that are committed to their work. I was also able to show the kids, who have had a rough upbringing and haven’t had love from their families, the love of Christ.”

Allira Terpstra
Primary Teaching

“I enjoyed being able to increase my experience of working in a group environment and seeing how others do it on a daily basis. It was interesting to hear about and see how the staff interacted with each other as opposed to how they interacted with clients.

I learned that I would not enjoy working in an office space on a daily basis. I think I have a better understanding of how interested I am in the Police Force. I was not certain of if I wanted to pursue it at all through my subjects but I have become more interested. I want to keep my options open but I plan to take subjects that will relate to this line of work. A high school diploma is necessary and (for a police officer) training at the Police Academy. My supervisor also said that subjects such as Chemistry, Human Biology, Physics, Religious Studies, Geography and History could be helpful depending on which branch of WAPOL was chosen.

I didn’t realise the difference being a Christian makes when you are working in a public environment. I was glad to have been able to rely on God’s strength and courage this week to help me work well where I was. I also noticed the effect one person can have on a group of people and I hope that I will have the opportunity to be a witness of God to non-Christians more often. I hope I was able to be a good witness of Christ to the people in my work place. They were all very friendly and helpful to me this week and to my understanding my visit was helpful to them as a team as well.”

Elizabeth Goiran
WA Police

“I enjoyed it because it was more relaxed than school but we also did more work that will be useful for the rest of my life. I was able to complete the tasks, sometimes I needed someone to show me how to do it but then I would do it myself. I learnt that I didn’t know a lot about it but when you have someone teaching you the stuff it is relatively easy but there is a lot to learn before you become a professional.”

Matthew Catterall

“I enjoyed learning the drafting program and picking it up to do some work for the company. I enjoyed learning the electrical plans and structural plans for church. I was able to achieve all the tasks that were given to me and completed them to the best of my ability. I enjoyed measuring a $2.5 million home.

The only thing that I was struggling with was the long hours, but I didn’t mind it too much because I got work done when ideas were fresh in my mind. I was talking about going to youth on the Friday and shared my journey on the worship band for youth and church. I am keen to do something along the lines of this when I am older or study Architecture in Uni.

I learnt that I can achieve anything through Christ who gives me strength and when I put my mind to it. I thought at the start when they gave me a job for a client, I wasn’t capable but then I picked up the program and was on my way designing and creating buildings. I asked if there was anything I could do so I never was just sitting there and kept conversation when the guys at the workplace talked to me.”

Ethan Hunter
Vance Thompson

“I really enjoyed good conversations with the people I was working with and sharing about my family, church, and school with them. I was able to do all that they asked me to do and enjoyed helping in all the areas where possible. I really enjoyed washing three of the dogs and walking some as well. I really enjoyed talking with my fellow worker during breaks and it has told me that I really want to go into talking with people about mental health problems.

I didn’t really enjoy that I had to do laundry almost the whole time but it didn’t stop me from enjoying my time there. By sharing about my brother and how God has helped me throughout his life, I was able to be a really good Christian witness and I think that they really enjoyed listening to that.

I do know that Vet Nursing is not what I want to go into but it has helped me understand that assisting in people’s health is the path I am going to go into. By accepting all the work passionately and using the right language, I was happy to be myself and a good Christian example.”

Jamaica Kappert
Murdoch Animal Hospital

“My week of work experience was great. I enjoyed all the work that the supervisors instructed me to do and I was able to complete all tasks. One highlight of my week was working with one of my old school mates. One lowlight was folding clothes all week. In this work experience I learnt that I was able to listen to instruction and conduct to what was given to me to do. I was respectful to the staff members who worked there and responsible for my own actions.”

Manfred Kelly

“I enjoyed this week very much. The kids were cute and funny and they all thought I was so cool. I was able to complete the tasks I was given. Just being an extra pair of hands and helping the kids and teachers.

Probably my highlight was the fact that it was chilled and we played a lot whilst they were still learning. The first two days, during the CEN conference, were pretty exhausting but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. It was easy being a Christian because I was surrounded by great people.

Now I am confident that I want to work with kids, combining my love for them and my love for nursing. I learnt that I am capable of seeing a need and doing it without being asked. Being ‘salt and light’ means being a witness, sharing my faith, watching the language that I could potentially use (which is not likely) and my attitude to working.”

Tiani Klomp

“Work experience for a week as a paralegal was filled with many errands and full of fun and participation. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting some of the cases in the District Court with my supervisor as well as completing duties assigned to me.

One of the highlights was having the opportunity to experience real court cases, and my lowlight was leaving the workplace when I wanted to do more. I was surprised when one of the conversations I had with my supervisor involved talking about my faith.

My career ideas include office work, or anything involving interacting with others. I learnt that by being a lawyer, it involves many skills of communicating with others as well as having the perseverance and courage. I was able to present my skills and faith through the words I used and actions I did, one involving buying coffee or snacks in the morning for each of my supervisors.”

Prischilla Kurnadi
NR Barber Legal

“At the sports store, I liked seeing all the exclusive sneakers that weren’t even released yet, serving customers and telling them the features of the particular shoe, especially the basketball section. I completed all the tasks they gave me but they didn’t appreciate my effort at the sports store.

My other placement was at my mum’s school, playing basketball with the kids and playing with Year 1s (5-6 year olds) during their sport. At my mum’s school, I completed everything, helping kids and they were all were happy I was there. Being an entrepreneur is my career idea. ”

Jairus Magsaysay

“I really enjoyed the whole week of work experience. I enjoyed working with all of the people at the work placement and getting to work on all of the aircraft.

One of my best highlights was when I got to fix the autopilot on the twin engine call a seminole, I got to take it out and fix up the whole thing. Then I had to put it all back inside of the aeroplane.

One of the lowlights was having to take the bus to work and then walking in the rain to work. I was a Christian witness in the workplace. This has shown me all the career opportunities for working as a engineer. I learnt that I am capable of doing many different things. I was a good Christian ambassador in my work place.”

Carlu Martens

“At the shoe store we got to see a lot of exclusive shoes like the Westbrook shoes ‘why not’. I got to put the tags on bags and shoes and Alisha really liked what I was doing.

Then we did three days at school and had to clean school property: seeing how the Janitors take care of the school like they own the school. Mr Barry Bekker liked my power; he enjoyed using me to lift heavy stuff because I am very strong, believe it or not.

I would like to open my own business one day. I learned that I am very good at stuff when I put my mind on the stuff I am doing.”

Bernard Moyo

“I enjoyed walking the dogs on Thursday and meeting a new person, who helped me on that day. I liked the general atmosphere and look of the place.
I was able complete the tasks as the instructions given were very clear.

One of the highlights of my overall work experience was when i worked with another student from a different school on Thursday. It was a lot of fun and I also got a lot of work done. It was definitely the best day of work experience. One lowlight was the first few days, that weren’t that great as I didn’t clarify the instructions I was given.

I think I was a Christian witness by showing initiative and really ‘getting out of my shell’on the final two days. I learned that if I really try my best, I can do great. I think want to work at Auspet again sometime. I should consider going to TAFE and studying animal studies or something relating to that. Maybe work at a zoo or train to become a ranger in my local area.”

Joash Oostryck
Auspet Boarding Kennels and Cattery

“A highlight was working with some funny people and the only lowlight was that I was not always able to operate the heavy machinery. I would like to be a welder, boilermaker or sheet metal worker.”

Zac Oppelaar

“I enjoyed teaching and playing with the Pre-Primary class. I was able to complete the tasks I was given even though sometimes I needed to multitask. The highlight was that I got to experience what I actually want do in the future. Being a teacher assistant is what I see myself doing in the future. ”

Natasha Phiri
Primary Teaching

“I spent my week of work experience at YWAM (Youth With A Mission). I greatly enjoyed being able to provide practical assistance to people in need. The tasks that I undertook were all easy to complete and I often sought out other ways to help out.

A highlight was aiding a lady who had recently gotten out of hospital to sort out belongings that she had acquired from family that had passed away. She was so open to what we were telling her and welcomed prayer.

There was never a boring moment, I only regret that it was only one week. Being a Christian witness in a Christian organisation was easy and natural, it was more about being a teenager and still being open to God’s work.

Career-wise, I was inspired by some that I met to go into a medical direction. Meeting many international missionaries and students solidified my desire to travel the world and experience as many cultures as possible, while showing God’s love to all of his people. By taking any opportunities to serve and wholeheartedly completing any tasks that were set, I strove to show the love of God to all around, especially the people we visited.”

Sofya Solovyova

“I enjoy playing with the kids, we’ve done some craft which it’s really fun. I able to complete the task that were given, which supervising and playing also helping. In childcare, I learned how to take care and maintaining discipline for every child in the child care. But also I got bored because supervising sometimes can be boring but actually I enjoyed everything.

As a Christian in the childcare I attended, we couldn’t pray in front of the kids but we could help them. I learned that I needed to work quicker and look around so I could help, I also found work that I could do if I didn’t have something to do. I was able to be salt and light when I was helping, and with my attitude.”

Sarajane Suryawan

“Everyday I got to the school I was working at about 8:15 and finished at 3:15. I was working with Kindy, Pre-Primary and Year 1 all in one class. I had about 15 children in the class. On Wednesday and Friday there was a full class of all three age groups. I enjoyed working at Australian Christian College. Australian Christian College is a small school and the staff there were very friendly. I enjoyed working there because there was a small group at the same time I got to work with three different age groups.

I was surprised at how much information the students knew at such a young age. I did enjoy teaching but I do not think that I will be studying primary school teaching as a university course because I still want to do a midwifery degree. I learned that I am actually really good at working with kids.”

Nozie Tshado
Australian Christian College

“During participating in work experience at my workplace, I really enjoyed talking to the customers and interacting with them.

One highlight of the workplace was that I was comfortable working because I helped out in my mum’s own business at home.

A lowlight of the workplace is that because I was working at home I did not know how it felt to be in a proper workplace. While working and helping my mum do beautician work I found it quite enjoyable, however I will definitely not be looking into this for a future career.

During the work experience I did learn that I am very capable of being welcoming and kind towards customers, which can be good for a future part time job or career. I was able to be kind towards people even if I did not feel bothered to do so. Therefore in the future I know that I can be well-mannered to customers and other work members even if people can be rude back to me.”

Sarah Tuffin

“I really liked being on the computer and barely had any expectations. I was assigned a lot of work to keep me busy and I was surprised I could survive the 8 hour shift. I was assigned a lot of assignments but it was really understandable and very straight forward. They gave me free food. No one expected me there, so no-one knew I was coming. That is a sign of good people and then that let me know that there are good people in this world and the way they communicated was very gentle and respectful. I want to do something with policing. What I learnt is that I cannot survive sitting down and cannot survive long hours.”

Christian Uelese


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