Year 1 Students Learn to Respond in Emergency Situations

We spoke about the roles of the Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance workers, and how they can help us.

During Term 2 in Health, Year 1 Red learned all about emergencies and how to respond in emergency situations. We spoke about the roles of the Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance workers, and how they can help us. As a part of this unit, we had a special visit from Mrs Eikelboom, who is a volunteer at the Armadale State Emergency Service (SES).

At the start of her visit, she taught us all about what the SES do, including searching for lost people, storm damage, assisting with bushfires and sea rescues. Afterwards, the children had the opportunity to dress-up in the SES uniform, pretend to be an injured patient and get carried in a stretcher, sit in the SES car, and look at all of the equipment the SES use. After so many fun activities, the children were asked about their favourite part, and the majority commented that they loved sitting in the car! Some other comments and questions from the children:

  • Where is the hose to put out the fires?
  • What happens if you are searching for someone, and then one of you get lost?
  • Fires can create their own storms in the big clouds.

One thread comes to mind in relation to this incursion – Building Community. This thread focuses on ‘students being active contributors and encouragers of others as the community is built up’. The children were able to experience a community organisation run by many volunteers. Following the incursion, we spoke about the gift of helping others and how the gifts of many build a community. We hear in 1 Corinthians 12:12, “Just as a body, through one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ”.

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