Year 1 STEAM Sessions

This Term we are introducing students to new skills and techniques in our combined STEAM sessions.

STEAM is an educational approach that uses the five areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths as entry points to learning. It is an interdisciplinary approach that allows students to connect their learning to real-world problems and situations, and helps them to develop a wide range of 21st century learning skills, such as: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, information literacy, media literacy, technology literacy, flexibility, leadership, initiative, productivity and social skills. In our sessions, students are also being taught cooking and baking skills, sewing, innovation/invention and art techniques using various materials.

This term, we have our combined STEAM sessions twice a week. Students are grouped according to their learning styles and complete two activities each week. Over the first two weeks of Term 4 we have introduced students to:

  • cooking a pizza by making their own dough, cutting/slicing/grating any toppings they may need and then planning their pizza;
  •  sewing their Christmas star: students chose two colour star cutouts and then items that they would like to sew on their star. They were each given a needle (a REAL one!) and shown how to thread their own needle. They were then shown how to sew on a button or some beads on to their star. Once they have added their items to their star, they will be sewing their stars together and stuffing them to make their Christmas decoration;
  • potato maze: as part of our Science program, we are looking at features of living things. Students were asked to create a potato maze to see if the potato (a.k.a. Mr Potato) will grow features to meet its needs. The criteria was to use a box and use cardboard to create 3-5 obstacles, with room for the plant to grow. It also had to have a hole the size of a 50c coin;
  • string art: this Term we are introducing the students to different art techniques and will be using different materials in our art lessons. This week, students had to create a picture using different coloured wool dipped in glue. We had some wonderful creations, but most found this rather tricky as it was rather abstract, and students had difficulty visualising what their picture would look like.

Students have had a great deal of fun exploring these new skills and have already learnt so much.

I wonder what we will be doing in the next few weeks??

– You’ll have to watch this space –


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