Year 1-2 Excursion to CREEC

Pobblebonks and Other Discoveries

The first week of Term 3 started with a bang! Thursday saw us heading off to the Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC). At first we didn’t know much about this place they call CREEC, but that was all about to change!

Our day started with big smiles as we packed our bags and boarded the bus. When we arrived at CREEC, we had morning tea and looked at the natural habitat and native animal display in the foyer. We divided into two groups to do different learning activities. Lunch was on the grass where we swapped our Bushwalk and Pobblebonk Swamp experiences. Our day’s activities gave us lots of chances to investigate, ask questions, and share our ideas.

We did animal puzzles and looked at trays filled with animal evidence, such as skulls, feathers and nests. To investigate what lived in the Canning River wetlands, we headed off on a bush walk around the river using little flags to mark anything of interest that we found. After sharing our findings, we recorded our observations by making little clay models of the things we had seen.

The Pobblebonk Swamp was our other activity. We heard different frog calls, some even sounded like motorbikes and ducks. We even met a real frog and learnt about its life cycle and habitat. Our guides told us it is very important we create frog-friendly hangouts if we want to protect our local frogs and see them thrive.

Wow! There was so much we learnt about how we can help to protect our local frogs and wildlife. When our day finally came to an end, we were tired, but filled with excitement for what we had done and all the little discoveries we had made along the way. Our visit to CREEC helped us to understand just how special God’s creation is and how important it is for each of us to care for this wonderful world He has given us as a gift. Our engagement in this excursion provided many opportunities to marvel at God’s amazing handiwork while developing our skills of scientific enquiry.

Pobblebonks and Other Discoveries

“On Thursday 19 July, Year 2s and Year 1s went on an excursion to Canning River to learn about frogs. I enjoyed making the clay animals because it was fun. I made a bandicoot. I felt happy because it was fun” – Joyce (Year 1)

“I liked going to CREEC because we learnt so much about frogs and what they do” – Lucas S (Year 2)

“On Thursday 19 July Year 1s and Year 2s went on an excursion to Canning River on a school bus. I enjoyed holding the turtle shell. I thought holding the animal throw-up was gross. It was gross holding the throw-up because it was already eaten and it came out again. I felt a little bit disgusted because of the throw-up” – Lucca (Year 1)

“It was a fun and nice day, I enjoyed it so much… crossing the bridge and I saw tadpoles” – Roderick (Year 2)

“On Thursday 19 July the Year 1s  and Year 2s  went on an excursion to Canning River to learn about frogs. Dad came to help and I liked it. I felt glad because I liked listening to the motorbike frog” – Leah (Year 1)

“I liked listening to the frog calls and frog sounds. It was my first time there. I learnt so much” – Kira (Year 2)


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