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Wycliffe’s Swimming Carnival Streak Continues

A bit of early cloud cover giving way to some glorious sunshine as the competitors hit the pool at the HBF Stadium venue on Friday 26 February.

We were blessed with a beautiful day for our 2021 Secondary House Swimming Carnival.

As we have come to expect, House spirit was excellent with newly-appointed House Captains leading the support of the House for the swimmers in the pool.

We were treated to some excellent competition which featured some outstanding performances. We rejoice that a swimming carnival such as this gives us the opportunity to celebrate the community we have as a school, the gifts and abilities of students, the visible results of training and dedication, and the wonderful sportsmanship of our students.

A big thanks to teachers and parents who make these days such a success for students. Thank you also to all students who participated in the day either through competition or in House support!

Overall House Scores were as follows:

550 points
395 points
339 points

Congratulations to Wycliffe for extending their streak of Swimming Carnival wins. A very dominant performance indeed. Congratulations also to Newton and Tyndale Houses for excellent House spirit, participation and effort!

Here are the Champion and Runner-up results for the day:

Year Student House Points
Year 7 Boy Champion Riley van Schie Newton 40
Year 7 Boy Runner-Up Samson van der Kooy Tyndale 20
Year 7 Girl Champion Sarai Kuilenburg Wycliffe 44
Year 7 Girl Runner-Up Rebekah Fraser Newton 28
Year 8 Boy Champion Micah Radford Tyndale 31
Year 8 Boy Runner-Up Andre Burger Wycliffe 26
Year 8 Girl Champion Izelke Nagel Tyndale 40
Year 8 Girl Runner-Up Sally Randall Wycliffe 18
Year 9 Boy Co-Champions Aberly Arianto / Akira Hunter Newton 33
Year 9 Girl Champion Alana Beaney Wycliffe 44
Year 9 Girl Runner-Up Sariek Bongers Wycliffe 20
Year 10 Boy Champion Lewis Kik Wycliffe 40
Year 10 Boy Runner-Up Isaac Kuilenburg Wycliffe 32
Year 10 Girl Champion Elyssa Klomp Newton 40
Year 10 Girl Runner-Up Holly Young Wycliffe 27
Year 11 Boy Champion Jona Magsaysay Wycliffe 40
Year 11 Boy Runner-Up Jonathan Karyahastana Newton 25
Year 11 Girl Champion Kayla Bongers Wycliffe 44
Year 11 Girl Runner-Up Tamika Klomp Newton 28
Year 12 Boy Champion Zac Blennerhassett Tyndale 44
Year 12 Boy Runner-Up Jack van der Kooy Tyndale 25
Year 12 Girl Champion Hannah Beaney Wycliffe 36
Year 12 Girl Runner-Up Rosie Young Wycliffe 33

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