Wycliffe Winners at 2019 Swimming Carnival

Wow, what an awesome start to Rehoboth’s 2019 House Sporting Carnivals!

All Secondary students went to HBF Stadium for the first time for our 2019 House Swimming Carnival (and it was also good preparation for the ACC Interschool Carnival, which will be held at the same venue on 18 March).

The House Swimming Carnival was a resounding success with so many students being involved. Our God of joyful blessings made this Swimming Carnival a time of celebration for our community as we shared our skills, efforts and enthusiasm, working together in our teams for the benefit and joy of the whole community.

I thank the teachers and parents who gave so generously of their time to help make the carnival a wonderful day and the students who worked hard to encourage team spirit and sportsmanship. All staff were impressed by the behaviour, sportsmanship and team camaraderie shown by our students. This made for a very enjoyable day for all involved. May we all continue to grow together in a spirit of joy and love in our continued ventures with the ACC.

Individual Results

Now let us have a look at some very impressive results:

Year 7

Boys ChampionAberly AriantoNewton36
Boys Runner-UpAkira HunterNewton27
Girls ChampionAlana BeaneyWycliffe36
Girls Runner-UpAlana BeaneyWycliffe36

Year 8

Boys ChampionRichard CaiWycliffe44
Boys Runner-UpIsaac KuilenburgWycliffe22
Girls ChampionHolly YoungWycliffe34
Girls Runner-UpEllyssa KlompNewton26

Year 9

Boys ChampionJonas MagsaysayWycliffe40
Boys Runner-UpTiaan HunterNewton27
Girls ChampionKayla BongersWycliffe40
Girls Runner-UpTamika KlompNewton32

Year 10

Boys ChampionZac BlennerhassettTyndale44
Boys Runner-UpChristo WesselooTyndale14
Girls ChampionRosie youngWycliffe33
Girls Runner-UpBella KikTyndale29

Year 11

Boys ChampionMarcus OldeWycliffe33
Boys Runner-UpBrody BlennerhassettNewton32
Girls ChampionSarah NaylorNewton44
Girls Runner-UpBethany KlompNewton28

Year 12

Boys ChampionZach BeaneyWycliffe44
Boys Runner-UpJairus MagsaysayWycliffe28
Girls ChampionTiani KlompNewton40
Girls Runner-UpHannah van DamNewton29

Overall House Scores


Congratulations to Wycliffe House for taking out the overall Carnival, and to Newton House for winning the Outstanding Spirit teddy bear on the day!


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