Wycliffe Win the 2018 Swimming Carnival

The Rehoboth Primary Swimming Carnival took place at Riverton Leisureplex on Friday 10 March. The carnival was attended by all students in Years 4-6 from both Wilson and Kenwick Campuses and provides an opportunity for some students to showcase their swimming abilities, while others get to put into practice what they have learnt at swimming lessons in the weeks prior.

Events this year included 50m freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. 25m freestyle and breaststroke, along with a multitude of team games ensured everyone could participate.

The Houses competed with great sportsmanship, encouraging one another and cheering on their swimmers in each event. It was a close carnival but in the end Wycliffe came out the victors, narrowly beating out Tyndale and Newton.

A special thank you to Mr de Bruyn and the Year 12 PE Studies students for helping our carnival run so smoothly.

Congratulations to our Champion and Runners-up:

Year 4 BoyRiley van SchieSamson van der Kooy
Year 4 GirlSarai KuilenburgJoyce Oladipo
Year 5 BoyMicah RadfordAndre Burger
Year 5 GirlElla YoungIzelke Nagel
Year 6 BoyElijah Hunter
Akira Hunter
Aberley Arianto
Year 6 GirlOlivia SeetSariek Bongers


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