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Writing Psalms in Year 9 Christian Studies

As part of our Year 9 studies of Old Testament literature and King David, we looked at different types of psalms. Then we had a go at writing our own lament or psalm of thanksgiving. Because the Psalms were often used for public worship, we present a sample of ours for public encouragement! Simply click on a student’s name to read their psalm.

XXXTentacion – Sad

Who am I, someone that’s afraid to let go, yeah
You decide if you ever gon’ let him know, yeah
Don’t you dare ever disrespect God, yeah
He loves all of us, yeah
He loves all of us, yeah

He gave us everything
They took his love and left him lonely
They’ve been broken, heart’s contentious
They won’t fix, they’d rather fight
They’re lost, but I’m not, cause
It’s torture being alone
I love it, when he’s here
But I really hate it when he’s mad

Oh God, you are like a coffee to me, yeah
When I wake up, I thirst for you, yeah
I need that warmth you always give me, yeah
I return to you throughout the day, yeah
and get renewed and refreshed, yeah

Who Can Come Against?

The grace of the Lord is for me,
No evil can come my way.
For if God is on your side,
Who can come against?

The Lord is surely good,
He is noble and just.
God protects his children,
Who can come against?

The Lord holds my hand,
He guides my down his path.
With God in control,
Who can come against?

Lord, you console me,
You are my soul comforter.
When trouble comes my way
Who can come against?

Lord, I will rejoice in your name,
For it is truly majestic.
Forever by my side,
Who can come against?

O God you are next to me when I wake up
And I feel your presence
You are there when I go to sleep
And I feel your warmth
When I live my day to day life
I feel your love
Even in my darkest hour when I feel pain
I feel your loving gaze fall upon me
In every instance of my life you’ve been there to comfort and love me

Aye I’m a Christian what are you man?
Aye Can’t keep a Bible in your hands

Aye my Friends don’t want me no more
Aye They say my religions for fools

Aye they don’t wanna be friends
Aye I give em word they get mad

Aye They want me to forget about you
Aye they want me to choose them over you

Aye Just got a sniff of the valley of death
Aye it’s dragging me down with the rest

Aye I really need help from you
Aye In the end it’s you I choose

Aye you put a gun on his plans
Aye I put a bible in your hands

Aye Need to be more holy
Aye made this psalm in a medley, a medley aye

Learn from me, Come with me, aye
Learn from me, yeah, Come with me, aye
Learn from me, learn from me, yeah
Come with me, yeah
Learn from me, yeah, Come with me,
Learn from me, Come with me, aye
Learn from me, Come with me
Yeah, aye



I need your help God right now,
I want to learn, show me how,

I need your help with this!
To be a more Godly Christian!

I’m a work in progress I’m learnin’
Cuz’ of you my life is turnin’

Lord You Raised your son from dead
Hope you guys heard what I said!

Learn from me, Come with me, Aye
Learn from me, yeah, Come with me, Aye
Learn from me, learn from me, yeah
Come with me, yeah
Learn from me, yeah, Come with me,
Learn from me, Come with me, Aye
Learn from me, Come with me
Yeah, Aye

Jesus, you are my life. You are my life and death.
You are my everything, for you I gladly sing,
Jesus you are my life.

Jesus, I believe in you. I need to know who who is.
You are my everything, for you I gladly sing,
Jesus I believe in you.

Jesus you forgive. Your patience never ends.
You are my everything, for you I gladly sing,
Jesus you forgive.

Jesus, you are holy. You are more holy that a sieve.
You are my everything, for you I gladly sing,
Jesus you are holy.

Jesus, you are my great, great, Lord, you are so great, and you are so powerful.
You broke the chains and you beat death,
and you did it all for me.

When O father will you rescue me, from this great pain?
Deliver me from my enemies, and my misery.
O Lord, you are all powerful and almighty; worthy of all praise and glory.
You are the most highest king.
Deliver me from all my transgressions, and guide me from all evil,
Forever you reign and forever you are glorious.
I will shout your praises forever and ever, I will sing of all of your wonderful works.
You are the author of our lives, you know all my thoughts.
I will declare your name among the nations, I shall set your name on fire for the whole
world to hear; your holy name.
Oh, my people; come and sing praises, come sing glory
And celebrate him with all your might.

Dear Lord, why have you left me behind to rot?
You have left me to drown in my own sins.

For my insecurities have taken over my heart;
all my doubts are filling my mind.

When I was at in my worst state
you abandoned me and left me in the dark

I know in you Lord I can find strength
when I look to the Heavens I know I will find you there

You are my rock and my saviour;
give me strength to keep going.

As I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death
I realise there’s nothing left, because I have been basking in the world for so long,
that even my mother be thinketh my mind is gone
I have been moving with no direction
Lord help me!

Dear God, please cover my mind with your goodness like a thick mist
remind me to count my blessings daily.
As it rains, and it pours, I shall praise you Lord.

Thanksgiving Psalm

Thank you for:

The earth we live on,
The air we breathe,
The food we have,
The shelter you give us.

The friends and family we have,
The education we get,
The clothes we can buy,
and the technology we use

I am as thankful as an uncaught fish
swimming in the sea, not worrying about life
I wish to be always thankful
through happy and sad times.

I am grateful for everything you have done for me,
I am full of content knowing that you died for us
because you loved us so much
Thank you

I’m lost oh Lord, where are you?
I’m in endless mist
Stumbling around pointlessly
My hands reach out and grab nothing.
I try to tell myself I know things
That I can make it
But I’m falling nobody can catch me.

I’m crying out to you
Lord can’t you hear me?
I’m desperately calling and praying
That my simple request will be fulfilled.
Aren’t you a great and powerful God?
I’m lost.
Lord, all the times of worry
Were you there with me?
I’m selfish wanting answers
Lord just one reply
make me feel like you are near.
I deny the truth
Push it away.
Brush it aside like a buzzing fly.
Lord I’m lost only you can save me
I want to give you my hand
My trust
But I can’t, I’m not strong enough
There is darkness in me.
I want to reach out, but I don’t know how.
Help me oh Lord.

You are the light at the end of the mist
Only I’m blind and can’t see it
Lord I know you are there though waiting to save me.
You are there and will always be there for me.
Help me love you.
Help me trust you.
For you are my father.
You shelter me under your wing like a mother hen.
When all things are known.
There will be no more pain.
No more hurt
No more uncertainty
No more worry
No more shame.
Everything thing will be perfect.

But until that day.
Lord keep me safe.
Protect me, give me peace.
For you are the shoulder to cry on.
The answer to my cry.
I will know when you tell me.
Help me Lord until then be patient
Have peace and to be strong.
Lord, help me put my faith in you.

Lord, how have you left me to rot in the darkness of evil?
When I was sad you left me

When I was left for the wild beasts
You did nothing to stop them

How could you have done this to you own child
Made me lose hope and fail

Lord, I know that in you I can gain strength
I can push through the pain

Show me your mercy
Lead me to heaven to be with you

I was in the darkness, my soul trapped.
I was left alone, with no help in sight.
My enemies kicked me while I was down.
I have decided to release all of my troubles to the Lord.
The Lord has freed me from my shackles and I am now a soaring eagle in the sky away from my helplessness.
God has my soul wrapped in his welcoming arms.
I will forever be faithful to my almighty saviour.
I will forever be faithful to my almighty creator.

For I was lost in the jungle with the lions.

Doubtful from the venom spoken by people’s words.

My spirit is wounded from the challenges you have set for me.

And I long for a healer.

For they have cut too deep for human hands to deliver.

But I know you are the delivery and healer,

For many times you have rescued me from the gnashing teeth of the lions
And I praise and honour you with my hallelujah.

I continuously fall into the traps of pain,
with fear and sorrow I weep in vain.
The sin I carry with me devours my soul and is a burden on my heart,
some things I do to numb away the pain gives my heart more pain.
I pray in sincerity and beg you to have mercy on me for your wrath weighs heavily upon me.
I long for the day when you will wipe away all my tears and the wounds on my spirit created by my enemies.
In the darkest times of my life I need you to answer me; will you show me the way O Lord?

I fix my eyes up to the skies you made and suddenly my troubles are halved,
I have the faith in my heart that things will get better – I’ll put all my trust in you my God, my rock.
I give all honour, praise and glory to you because you are the one whom all good things come from,
You delivered us from evil when you sent down your most blessed possession.
If I walk with my God, no one can tear me down in my darkest times or stand between me and him,
not even death will separate us from God for he defeated it.
Nothing will ever be able to compare to the free gift he offers everyone,
I will build my life upon his love and will not ever be shaken.
Remember what God has done for you – and have faith in what he is going to do.

Praise the Lord, for he is mighty and rules over the earth.
All kings bow before your feet, O Lord, and glorify your name above every other name.
Praise the Lord, for he blessed us with victory against my enemies. You’re my armour.
You protect me from my enemy’s sharp tongues that spit out curse and eyes that glare at me.
You’ve brought them to their knees by one breath and make them my footstool.
You rule over everything, O Lord, and nothing is too hard for you.

You look after the birds of the sky, fish of the sea and me even before I was born. You’ve shaped my life and made me your wonderful servant.

Sing a new song for the Lord.
He is the only righteous one who deserves our praise.
He favours those who love righteousness and rewards them with overflowing joy.
He will remember our sufferings because of the love towards justice and reward us.
Therefore, love justice and seek for the love of God.

Should I compare you to a snag?
Or maybe a smoker’s fag.
We need you like these things,
Are needed for these people.
You are our hope.
You provide unlike the pope.
We love and need you?
You provide on cue.
Thank you for your help.
You are our Franklin Roosevelt.

Oh Lord you are so good
I could thank you for the rest of my days
For all the ways I have been blessed
I will never forget

My life has changed
Due to your good name
I will praise you forever
I will never forget

My life is filled with happiness and joy
No sin could ever take it away
For your power and strength
I will never forget

Thank you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
New have cleansed me from my past
I will no longer live in sadness
I will never forget

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