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Wilson Year 5 Camp (From a Teacher’s Point of View)

Thursday 28 March was an awesome night to have the annual Year 5 Camp. Students arrived, laden with bedding and baggage. They were clearly serious about this camp!

We were ready (nearly) for these energetic, bubbly students. We had a plan…

Mrs Pike, Mr Hunter and I (Ms van der Reest) welcomed all of the students.

The girls’ headquarters was the old Senior Staff Room and the boys’ was the Multipurpose Room. They all claimed an area for their bedding and proceeded to congregate outside with great excitement. Play was allowed until dinner time.

We had the amazing Mr van der Kooij and Mr Blennerhassett cooking burgers for dinner and the wonderful Mrs Rajanaygam assisting with the burger prep, as well as making fine hot chocolate later in the evening.

The students were clearly hungry and devoured their delicious dinner with eagerness. Ice creams served as a sufficient dessert.

Students were able to run around outside the new gym playing games devised by Mr Hunter. Mrs and Mr Henderson helped with all activities, ensuring competition was alive and well. The other teachers stayed close to trees to ensure we weren’t trampled. (Getting a bean bag to your team was vital!) With the new gym available for games, Nerf Wars was set up inside and was hilarious fun for all involved!

After running around we spent a beautiful time in the Bible Garden around the fire, singing praises to God and roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate. This time of devotion and praise is always inspiring.

Bedtime was interesting – who knew there were so many varieties of night lights? Rustling sleeping bags, moving students, giggling and trips to the toilets peppered the night. All in all sleep came and all was quiet until the AM.

We began the morning with a pancake breakfast, followed by eggy toast – mmmm!

Devotions were led by Mr Hunter and we talked about having a servant heart. Students were then excited to serve by washing cars! We completed ten and have raised money for our new STEAM Room. It was wonderful to see the children enthusiastic, encouraging one another and feeling a sense of accomplishment in the task set before them. Thank you Mr van der Kooij for instructing us.

During this time we also made our lunches with Ms van der Reest. Rolls, salad, meats – mmmm lunch was going to be good!

All packed up, Ms V had her car loaded with all the lunch, drinks and balls for the park. And Mr Blennerhasset, Ms Kenny and Mr Hunter walked the students to the Kent Street Weir where we played and ate our lunch, donuts and a few marshmallows (left overs) along with fruit and juice. Boy, we really needed a sleep by now.

After the walk back to school, the Year 5 classroom was set up for a movie so the students could relax. This was blissful. Teachers relaxed outside the classroom allowing the students quiet time (teachers really couldn’t walk very far by now). Students devoured their “treats” from home (we wanted them to have some energy for home).

At the end of our time together we gave thanks to our awesome God who made each precious one of us. We thanked Him for our safety and wonderful time together. What a blessing our school has been made by Him.

Thank you to all who helped in so many ways.

Until next year…

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