Wilson Students Enjoyed Science Experiments

Primary students were welcomed with a range of exciting experiments that the Year 9 Science students has prepared.

The Year 4-6 students hopped on the bus from Wilson to the Kenwick Campus. As the students arrived at Kenwick, they were welcomed with a range of exciting experiments that the Year 9 Science students had prepared.

The classes started a rotation of activities to watch and observe the different experiments, including the Elephant Toothpaste, a floating marker, dry ice experiments, disappearing colours and a hand on fire. 

Student reports on these activities:

  • “I loved the fire hand the most. The Year 9 students gave a good explanation of what was happening. It was very funny to watch.” – Arielle
  • “I loved the floating marker a lot. I learned that markers can come off the plate easily just by adding a little water on.” – Olivia Lee
  • “I enjoyed the two hours at Kenwick. It was a hard choice to decide which experiment was my favourite, but I decided it was the ‘God washes away our sins’ experiment. It was so cool how the water changed from red to clear. Also, it was amazing to see Elijah Hunter’s hand on fire, and how it stayed on fire for 2 seconds but didn’t burn his hand.” – Tyler Jend

Mr Hunter had some feedback as well. This is what he thought, “I loved the Elephant Toothpaste as much as the eruption of dry ice. It taught me that as well as dry ice can seem cold, it is very hot on the outside!”

As the students settled back on the bus, they were still thrilled from the experiments they had seen.


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