Why Would My Children Be Better Off At A Christian School

The fact that we have a society that is committed to education for all children is a wonderful testimony to God’s common grace.

A public school may give a ‘good education’, but we strongly encourage Christian parents to ask, ‘What are the starting assumptions of a public education, and how are these shaping my child?’

The idea that the purpose of education is for personal fulfilment, individual power, or a ‘successful’ career (usually through competition or consumption) is common in our society. Parents should be aware of the influence that a secular, humanistic education will have on their children. Often, secular education is presented as ‘neutral’, but everyone has a worldview – including teachers. We all interpret the world around us through different glasses.

We encourage Christian parents to seek an education that informs and inspires their children to be distinctive, kingdom-seeking disciples who acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

Your children might come out of another school education well-adjusted and knowledgeable, but sending your children to a Christian school gives you the opportunity to expose them as often as possible to a Christ-centred view of life and the world (Deut 6:5-9).

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