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What’s for Lunch? Indigenous Food Incursion

Indigenous Food Incursion 2017 Banner

At the end of Term 2 the Year 1 and 2 classes had a visitor! Mrs Dalais was our special guest and she shared a wealth of knowledge with us all about our topic for the Term – FOOD.

We all sat around the Swan River and helped to sort a selection of goods into three lunchboxes.

One lunchbox was the hard, round, bark from a tree. This was what Aboriginal people used to use.

The second one was a tin can, like that which the early settlers to Australia used.

The third lunchbox was made from plastic, just like the type we use today.

We discovered that Indigenous people were very clever as they used all the things God had provided for them in nature to survive. They used shells to drink water from and carried burning Banksia nuts in animal skins so that they didn’t need to try and start a fire each time they moved to a new place. We learnt that they would burn parts of the bush to encourage new growth and to help them hunt out animals. Flowers were sucked on to enjoy delicious native honey and purple lillipillies picked to crunch on.

God provided for them all they needed!

It was so fascinating and so much fun touching, smelling, and seeing all these natural things – we could have stayed for much longer getting our hands dirty!

Thank you Mrs Dalais for sharing with us how the original land owners found their food.

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