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What’s Happening in Year 2

Silkworms and Snow Peas

In Science we are learning about lifecycles. We are taking care of 36 silkworms and watching as they grow through their different life stages. Every day we clean out their box, give them more mulberry leaves to eat, and write the tally for another day on our class chart. We have also planted some climbing snow pea seeds. We are so excited to see our plants wrap around our porch as they grow and then hopefully we will get to eat the snow peas! Stay tuned for pictures of our silkworms and snow peas at the end of the term!

21 Computers

Thanks to Mr Beattie, every Year Two student now has their very own Chromebook laptop to use at school! On Friday last week, we practised logging in, opening up a word document and changing the font. We will be using the laptops for research, interactive educational games and typing up stories.

Transport Design Table

We have a table set up in our classroom that integrates Technology and Enterprise (designing and creating) and Society and Environment (past and present types of transportation) by inventing new types of transport. First, we look through nonfiction books for ideas and then draw a labelled diagram of our new transport. Then we get to use different construction toys like Lego or playdough to create it.

Oozy, Drippy, Buttery Toast!

The Red reading group has been reading a book called Five Pieces of Toast. It is about a rabbit who shares her oozy, drippy, buttery toast with all her friends. Red group worked together to write a letter to Mrs Pike, asking to borrow the staffroom toaster and if she wanted to make an order! They planned which items Mrs Verdouw needed to buy from the shops. The “waiters” and “waitresses” took orders from everyone in the class and then they made us all yummy toast!

Year 2 Ideas Wall

In Literacy this Term, we are learning about writing narratives. We have been focussing on the structure and features of stories and how they often teach us valuable lessons, such as how to be a good friend or become more like Jesus. We brainstormed as many characters, settings, problems and resolutions as we could and created this “Ideas Wall”. When we get stuck, we walk past the “Ideas Wall” to help guide our writing.

Mrs Verdouw

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