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Welcome to High School: Year 6 Orientation Day 2019

With over 75 students looking to make Rehoboth home next year, our Secondary School was abuzz with eager and anxious Year 6 students.

Each year the Year 6 Orientation Day is much anticipated, with this year being no exception as a combination of our own Kenwick and Wilson Year 6 students, along with lots of new faces from a variety of primary schools, had a taste of what 2020 will bring.

Working within their tribes, teachers kept students engaged for the day. The Science department didn’t disappoint, with great scientific theatrics and explosions, while students had a chance to serenely paint a still-life image during Art.

The day also included students using cross curricular skills. In Design and Technology, within teams, students used mathematical skills hoping to create a rigid construction using newspapers. Students were delighted to explore their talents at coding during Digital Technology, and of course Food Technology offered them a chance to create and enjoy an edible treat.

Year 11 student leaders did splendidly at encouraging students and making them feel at home. Time together gave all students an opportunity to connect with each other, and a clearer insight into how interesting life at high school can be.

We look forward to welcoming these students into Year 7 next year, and we’re excited to support them in reaching another milestone in life.

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