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WACSSA Primary Athletics Carnival

001On Friday, 30 October the Rehoboth runners took to the track to compete in the WACSSA Athletics Carnival. Competition between the 7 schools in Division 1 was intense. After a score update halfway through the day (and including the results from the Jumps and Throws) Rehoboth was in front by 100 points.

Outstanding results in the 100 metres and 200 metres races and great team efforts in the relays saw Rehoboth cling to that lead. The final scores were:

Rehoboth Christian College1597
Dale Christian School1570
Carey Baptist College1497
Swan Christian College1450

IMG_5994Well done Rehoboth – we WON by 27 points!

Outstanding achievements:

Sam Year 6 Champion Boy
Tori Year 6 Champion Girl
DavidYear 5 Champion Boy
Jean Jack Year 4 3rd place Champion Boy
Divine Year 3 3rd place Champion Girl
Chinonso Year 3 Runner up Champion Girl

A big thank you to all of the parents who supported and assisted on the day!

Mrs Klomp

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