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WACSSA Basketball Carnival

On Friday, 14 August, three teams from Rehoboth set out to Ray Owen Recreation Centre in Lesmurdie to compete against other Christian Schools in the annual Secondary Interschool Basketball Carnival.

Under the coaching of Mr Peletier, Mrs Klomp, Year 11 student Isaac Koh and assisted by Mrs Musulin, Mr de Bruyn, and a small cheer squad of parents, our three teams performed outstandingly well, exhibiting fantastic sportsmanship, effort and tenacity.

Boys Teams

The Year 9/10 Boys team started confidently against Dale Christian School with our competitors showing a lot of strength and flare that Rehoboth struggled to match. However, the boys went point for point as they played a disciplined approach. Carlo was in excellent form with his 3-pointers hitting the mark on frequent occasions and Prince was outstanding with his ability to pluck rebounds out of the air.

Despite Dale pulling ahead midway through the second-half and going on to win the first game, Rehoboth came back to win over Mundaring and Kings College. They needed to beat Southern Hills College for a spot in the final, but the rivals were too strong and narrowly edged out our team for the win. Two wins and two losses was a reasonable result for four tough games and the boys can be proud of their efforts, knowing they had played enthusiastically and positively all day.

The Year 7/8 Boys played with ferocity on defence and finesse on offence against Mundaring in their first game of the carnival. Mundaring really struggled against the team’s full court press, with Isaac and Jairus stealing the ball on multiple occasions. This unrelenting defence, paired with some smooth offence from Elijah , Brody and Esteban caused the game to be rather one sided, with the Year 7/8 boys coming out 20 point winners. The next match against Kings College was much the same, with Ethan putting in a great performance on both the offensive and defensive end.

The boy’s toughest match came against Dale Christian School. Dale has a few stand-out performers, but the Rehoboth boys put it to them, and at one point the boys were eight points up. Dale, however, fought back strongly and ended up winning by two points. The closeness of this game was almost mirrored by the grand final game. The boys came up against Dale again, and it was even all game.

Both Elijah and Jairus put on an offensive clinic, with Elijah showing his range from deep and as well as his ability to score in the paint, and Jairus showing off his smooth ball handling skills, dribbling around opponents at will. The game was close right to the end, but the boys just couldn’t quite come out with the win, going down by 3 points. They played fantastically well all day, with everybody contributing in all four games.

Girls Teams

The Year 8/10 girls played Mundaring in their first game and defended really well to hold a strong team to just 12 points; however, they were unable to score despite several good attempts and lost 12-0. The second game against Dale proved to be similar and our only focus was to score – which they did (twice) but still went down to Dale 11-4. In the last game against Kings College the girls finally put it altogether, defending well, passing and dribbling with confidence, and pushing hard for the intercepts and turnovers to achieve a win 16-7.

It was a great day, full of excellent teamwork and fun memories. Esther rebounded strongly, Gwyneth, Tanya and Luritha worked hard in defence, Jean, Lauren, Sheisla and Tadiwa were great in attacking the ball and causing turnovers, and Allyah was strong in all areas, adjusting to every position played. Well played girls!

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