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Visual Arts Students Make the Cut at the 2019 St George’s Art Exhibition

Each year, St George’s Cathedral holds an art exhibition of works by Year 10-12 students from across Perth.

Title: The Annunciation
Medium: Oil on canvas

'Inspired by Liviu Dumitrescu's "The Annunciation", my painting portrays the powerful emotions of this moment: the power emitting from the angel Gabriel and the awe and timidness of Mary. This is my imitation and perception of the event.'

Now in its seventeenth year, the exhibition has become a premier event on the calendar for art and design students. Schools may submit up to three works, which are subject to a rigorous selection process before making it into the exhibition.

For the first time, Rehoboth entered three works for consideration this year. We are thrilled that all three were accepted and subsequently displayed at the Exhibition and published in the 2019 catalogue. Congratulations to Jamaica Kappert, Prischilla Kurnadi and Allira Terpstra, Year 12 Visual Arts General students. The acceptance of their work is a testament to their creativity, skills and hard work.

Title: Le Annunciation
Medium: Oil on canvas

'This is my take on John William Waterhouse's 1914 painting "The Annunciation". I have taken the garden scene and turned it into a peaceful water environment'.

The works submitted were actually these students’ first project for 2019. Their task was to create a painting based on the Annunciation as described in Luke 1:26-38, when the archangel Gabriel was sent to Mary to give her the news that she would become the mother of Jesus, conceived by the Holy Spirit.

This story is famous for being one of the most favoured Biblical accounts to be recreated in various types of artworks throughout history. The motifs of the angel hovering above Mary and the descent of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove first appeared in art in an Italian mosaic of the fifth century.

Numerous paintings of the Annunciation were studied, from Giotto’s frescoes (1306,) to Fra Angelico’s tempera on wood (1452) and Leonardo da Vinci’s oil on wood (1472). There are many paintings from the Renaissance through to the modern era depicting this event.

Title: Cloak of Hope
Medium: Mixed media oil and textiles on canvas

'My painting is of the Annunciation: Gabriel delivering the news to Mary that she will bear a child as a virgin. Inspired by my interest in fashion, I incorporated satin as a way of bringing Mary to life in a tangible way. The angel and Luke 1:26-28 in her eyes highlight the main idea, while the blue brings calmness and red shows her love'.

The students were given a choice to create their own original rendition of the Annunciation, or to base their work on one of the famous paintings they studied. I decided to enter three of their artworks in the St. George’s Cathedral’s Annual Art Exhibition. I was excited and pleased when these entries were accepted and subsequently published in the Exhibition’s catalogue.

J. W. Waterhouse’s oil on canvas (1944) was the inspiration for Jamaica’s painting, while Allira based her artwork on Liviu Dumitrescu’s contemporary painting. Prischilla created an entirely original mixed-media artwork, using fabric and acrylic paints.

These students are to be congratulated on their successful and inspiring artworks.

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