Visting the Senior School

On Thursday, 17 September, the Wilson Year 6 class embarked on a journey to explore the Secondary School at the Kenwick Campus. I personally enjoyed the sports session in the afternoon: a chaotic game of thievery, rescue and defense between three tribes! Here are some comments by the students.

Woodwork class
Woodwork class

“The Year 6 Orientation was really fun. What we did was first take a quick tour around the school then we were split into groups and given a group leader. I was in red group (tribe). There were three tribes; red, green and blue. Next we had recess and some of us played with the high school boys (the previous Year 6 boys). After that we had some lessons with some of the teachers who would be teaching us in Year Seven. First my group did Design and Technology, then we did drama. Before we went on to the next lesson we had lunch and could play for a while. After that we had a fun Maths lesson, and yes I know that sounds boring, but this one was fun! We learnt about Pi, which is a decimal. We measured the circumference and diameter of donuts and pies, then we divided the circumference by the diameter and generally we got the number Pi. When we had finished the lesson we could eat the food, boy I was really full after that. To finish the day off we played a game of ‘Rob the Nest’ in the gym. Sadly my team lost (well technically we tied for last place with blue) and green won. After that long day, it was time to go back to school.” – Jack

“My favourite part of the Year 6 Orientation at Kenwick was the fun game at the end. The game was ‘Rob the Nest.’ Everybody had such a fun time, with lots and lots of running.” – Bella

Gym games
Gym games

“The orientation day at Kenwick was really fun. We got to meet most of the people that we will be spending the year with and some of the teachers too. I most enjoyed going on a tour of the school and seeing all the older students and what the classes looked like.” – Rosie


“On the Year 6 orientation, I really enjoyed mixing with the students from the other campus and from different schools. The team games really showed what were everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, so that we could help them and encourage them. Going to the different classes was a lot of fun because we got to try things that we had never done before. My personal favourite was ‘Introduction to Pi’, not just because we got to eat some cookies and pies, but also because we learnt something new and cool. All in all, the Year 6 orientation was an amazing experience!” – Pfeiffer

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