A distinctly Christian education does not happen by accident or through good intentions. It is purposeful and relevant, fulfilling a need for families who see in it a means by which they might fulfil their responsibility before God to raise and nurture their children in His ways. ACE exists for this end – its stated mission is:

“… to partner with parents as a covenant community in order to support them in their task of nurturing and educating their children. We achieve this by developing structures that support and promote dynamic 21st Century learning, immersion in a Christian worldview, and stimulating the God-given creativity and curiosity of lifelong learners.”

This mission describes the reason for the existence of ACE and for the College and provides a framework for what we do at Rehoboth on a day to day basis. Our Vision statement provides the direction and goals we are working towards over the period 2016-2019, and you can read more about how we are working to achieve these in our Locus2019 Strategic Plan. That Vision is:

“By 2019, Rehoboth Christian College will be recognised for excellence in the provision of a distinctly Christian education program that honours Jesus Christ as Lord of all, utilising the best innovations and resources of a 21st Century learning environment.”

For more information on ACE, its Mission and its Vision, please email us or contact the Business Office on 9452 1833.

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