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Tree Planting with Year 9 Science Students

Planting trees in our local community helped us put into practice the call to steward God’s creation.

In Semester 1, the Year 9 science students learnt lots about ecosystems and the interdependencies between different organisms and their environment. As they have grown in knowledge about the topic, they have also been challenged to think about how they can respond Christianly to what they are learning. Planting trees in our local community in order rehabilitate unloved areas of land presented an opportunity to put that knowledge into action and to put into practice the call to steward God’s creation.

Across two sunny June days, the Year 9 students planted over two thousand trees at Mills Park (roughly 35 trees per student!). There was some hot competition between the different groups that led to some phenomenal production line-esque teamwork. The students learnt about the importance of the bush corridors for animal movement along rivers and the importance of trees for nesting and feeding the vulnerable red-tail black cockatoo. The Year 9 students certainly acquitted themselves well and we look forward to seeing the trees grow over the coming years. We are very thankful to Ross Wylie at the Armadale-Gonsnell’s Landcare group for inviting us to help rehabilitate this important area of bushland.

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