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There’s Construction Out Our Window!


This Term, things have been really changing around our school. There has been noises and workers with trucks and all kinds of machinery, making the ground shake with lots of vibrations. Lots and lots of trucks, pouring concrete from long, insect-like arms and it’s all because we are getting a new gymnasium. Outside our classroom is a construction site and we get to see it every day!

We have been keeping a journal, writing and taking photos to record the changes happening each week. The grounds have been cleared, flattened and shaken by the big machines. Now that the concrete pad is down we can’t wait for the walls to start going up!

As well as keeping a hand-written journal, our whole class is making an eJournal using Book Creator on our iPads. We are hoping that one day if our school ever makes a time capsule our eJournal might be one of the special records put inside.

Each week we have really enjoyed going up to the balcony to see the construction work and all the changes. Back in our classroom we have big discussion about them and make predictions why certain things are happening, the purpose of different equipment, and what might follow in the coming weeks. We are also very excited that soon each of us will start building our own 3D models of the new gym. We can hardly wait.

Some student comments

“I am happy to get a new gym because I can get strong and play sport” – Denzel L (Year 2)

“I feel happy because the progress for our new gym is going so well” – Melody (Year 2)

“I really like looking at the view of the building site” – Ayomiposi (Year 2)

“I like the new gym because it will be closer for us” – Audrey (Year 1)

“I feel amazed that we are having a gym, I can’t wait until I see it” – Andrew (Year 1)

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